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Double beds

The most essential part of your Bedroom

Beds are not just for sleeping, they are a space where creativity flows like a river, memories are built without doing anything and an expanse where worries don’t exist. Double beds on the other hand do justice to their title by giving you double the joy and happiness a single bed could give. From the HAUGA collection of upholstered bed frames to the simple metal KLEPPSTAD bed frames or the PLASTA storage bed frames for your double bed, there are more hidden with our sleeves. Our elegant and sophisticated bed frames are made of sustainable materials, and with smart features like the integrated bedside table in the DELAKTIG series. 

Build a home right from your bed with IKEA’s equipped double beds that are not just meant to sleep in but to be comfortable in. 

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 A space all to yourself, filled with comfort and gets you lost in paradise. That's the definition of a double bed from IKEA. With a variety of options beginning from the size, materials, frames, colours, design, and patterns our collections have a hold of the perfect double bed you may have in mind. A double bed is not too big and not too small. It fits your room perfectly, acting like a centrepiece and the hub of happiness. During your afternoon naps and your movie nights, for reading and gossip chats, a double bed is a great companion through it all. While you’re considering all the possible choices you have to make while getting a double bed for your room, we hope to enlighten you on all the double bed information you’ll need. Starting from comfort to size to your design, a double bed is a package of a lot more than just a piece held together by nuts and bolts. 

Starting with the dimensions, the types, its features and why you need them, IKEA is sure to help you find the one.

Standard double bed size

When considering a double bed its usual size ranges from 6 feet (190 cm-200 cm) long and 4 feet (135 -140 cm) wide. It is a comfortable space for an individual to enjoy all to himself and for two people to share. A twin bed when put together, however, may look like a double bed from afar and have the same length, but a double bed is fifteen inches wider than a twin bed. And though going for a twin bed may sound like a good option, you might end up falling through the cracks. The king-size double beds on the other hand are on a whole different dimension of their own. Double beds are usually preferred to be used by a single person, giving them enough space to twist, turn and roll around the clock. 

Full size or a double bed would perfectly fit a room size of a minimum of the nine-metre square area. Placing your bed in the centre allows you to design all your furniture and help keep them in the right spots, with proper distancing and enough room for free movement across the room. 

Your double bed can even be accompanied by a sophisticated headrest made of sustainable pine wood and is a wonderful piece for your guest bedroom or living room. Except, wondering what a bed is doing in the living room? Or, perhaps you want to squeeze a double bed into your tiny room? IKEA’s unique collections have daybeds that look like a couch but are also double cot beds on transformation! These are not just any regular double bed, and while they may look much like a single couch when unpacked, when you pull the bed out from underneath, you can fit another person on your new transformed double bed! They are perfect for when your friends and family come over to spend the weekend or the holidays at your place. By using these types of double beds you can save space and use your living spaces optimally.

There are different kinds of double beds, you can choose from based on comfort, style and your preference as well.

  1. The upholstered double beds are made of premium quality and have soft edges. They are covered in cloth which is safe for when you have little children running around the house. They give a sophisticated and cosy touch to the bed and its appearance as well. From the headrest to the footrest, this material wraps the entire bed with extra beauty and splendour.
  2. The divan base or ottoman double beds are those with an extra bed underneath. These beds also have storage spaces underneath in the place of a bed. They are great for single beings who wish to do much with less. 
  3. Wooden double beds are self-explanatory but are one of the most reliable types of beds. They are strong and long-lasting. With wooden beds, there are various wood types and features you could choose from. They also have the option to carve your favourite design and customise them to your liking. 
  4. Metal double beds are one of the most common and affordable types of beds. They give the bed a thin border and stay hidden behind the mattress except at the headrest and the footrest. They are usually in the colour black or classic silver and match every room theme. They are perfect for when you are moving into a new place and don’t know where to start. 

A double bed with storage below and above

Now, you may not be able to fit a double bed into a tiny room that you can hardly move in. Cause let’s be real, not all of us have the luxury of space in our homes! For those of us with more compact living quarters, and cosier-sized bedrooms or studio apartments, it is a given that we make do with a single bed to save on space or just sleep on the floor. We understand that space is precious, and a standard-sized double bed takes up a lot of it. But have you considered double bed frames with built-in storage solutions? This clever feature means you don’t have to compromise on space and ensures important belongings are always within reach of your bed!

Here’s the solution to make your space much more efficient. The double bed with a box underneath can serve as your closet or storage for your seasonal beddings, clothes or the extra junk you want to hide. If you’re living alone or with a partner, these double beds with storage are a convenient way to divide your things under your side of the bed. These beds also minimize your cleaning time causing you no longer have to worry about or bend your back to clean the dust accumulated underneath the bed. They keep your room tidy, and stylish and give your bed space a composed and sophisticated look. Storage doesn't always have to be underneath. Most double beds come with soft and upholstered headrests. You can exchange those for those headrests with shelves or hidden cupboards to store your novel collections or your jewellery before bed. The structure of the storage unit attached below or behind the double beds blends with the overall frame of the bed. It is almost like they are camouflaged.

A double bed frame is not just for your back it contains a headboard, footboard or rails on the side of the bed. Having a headboard gives you proper support for your back while you’re reading a book sitting in bed or watching a rom-com with your partner. The footboards of your bed keep your legs inside and from hanging over the bed. It also keeps your foot upright and in the right position while sleeping. They are useful in keeping the sheets from rubbing your feet or coming out while you rustle around in bed at night. 

Sleep on your mark with readymade beds 

The times have changed and today stores have convenient readymade beds in the size and patterns that are desirable for all age groups and generations. IKEA has beds that you can customise and build within your room and an option to get ready-made double beds that match your requirements. Whether wood, steel, velvet or upholstery, we’ve got double beds that come prepared to wrap you tight. 

Moving on to how you can arrange your bed and your room with a full-size bed as a centrepiece, you can start by ensuring you have equal space on both sides of the bed. If you are working in a small room, moving the bed to a corner can provide you with some extra convenient space to circulate the room. Placing your bed against the window can give you good lighting to do your Surya namaskar from bed and take good selfies too. Using a double bed with storage is one of the easiest ways to increase room space while minimising the furniture in the room. 

A pretty perfect double bed accessories for your space

The perfect space to fit your Indian double bed size is a double bedroom. A double room has enough space to hold your double beds and furnish it with everything you need to complete your bedroom. A double bed, whether you share it with someone or enjoy it by yourself, would need a side table on both sides. These tables serve as a stand for your water, phone, night lamp and everything else you’ll need at your hand’s reach from bed. Adding an ottoman, the size of your double bed makes it an extra storage space and a comfortable place to wear or remove your shoes before heading out. Placing an ottoman of the same size as your double bed makes it look like an extended version of your bed and gives your long legs some extra space if you don’t have a footboard. Adding pretty bedsheets and pillow covers matching the colour and theme of your bedroom is another way to decorate your room. With a double bed made with premium quality materials, a comfy  mattress is its final puzzle piece. And IKEA has everything you’ll need to give your room the perfect makeover starting with a double bed. 

After all this, if you are still not convinced as to why a double bed would be perfect for your space. Here are some quick pointers to brush through:

  • With a double bed, you have more space to yourself and it is spacious enough to fit one more person.
  • The double beds with storage can store all your stuff underneath or behind the headrest and let you enjoy a clutter-free space.
  • Make your amma proud!It lets you keep the people you love closer rather than sleeping in bunk beds or on the floor.
  • If you are not much of a guest person, you can go for the ottoman bed also called the day bed for occasional purposes. They can also be convenient if you have a smaller living space.
  • IKEA has high-quality, long-lasting and durable readymade double beds on which you can sleep without worries through generations.

Double beds are a great way to pamper yourself with some extra love and comfort. Whether you live alone or share your space, they are a great way to feel like you are in the safest place on earth. Choosing a double bed isn’t easy but with many options and top-quality products, IKEA can help you decide faster and safer.

Turn your home into your cocoon by choosing from our exciting collection of beds. A bed is a gift, that turns your sorrows into joy and sticks with you through the nightmares and stormy nights.