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Foldable chairs

Dependable Chairs For Unexpected Guests

Guests brought a plus one to the party? Want to enjoy the open air in the balcony? Our foldable chairs are perfect for every such expected and unexpected occasion. Lightweight yet sturdy, these chairs like our weather-resistant mesh TORPARÖ or the elegant wood TERJE are perfect for your breakfast nook or patio. They save floor space and can be stored in a corner after use. Our colourful NISSE and GUNDE even come with an opening in the back that lets you hang them up.

Extra Seating For When The House’s Full

Use them for seating extra guests at dinner or bring them to your balcony or patio to enjoy the evening - our foldable chairs are up for anything. They are lightweight and can be carried around easily. Our sturdy TORPARÖ comes with a mesh seat that feels comfy even without a cushion. We’ve designed it to be weather-resistant and easy-to-maintain, so you can leave it in the open without any worry. Made of solid beech and available in multiple finishes, the TERJE doesn’t look out of place at your party. Just like the TERJE, our NISSE and GUNDE range of foldable chairs are also designed with an opening at the back that lets you hang them up on a hook if desired. While the NISSE range comes in a variety of colours and a comfortably-shaped backrest and seat, the GUNDE locks in an open position, so the chairs won’t accidentally fold.

Don’t let your seating be short of comfort, and check out our seat pads and floor and chair cushions.