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Children's desks

Homework and studies can never be fun. Says who? When your child’s desk is spacious, well-organised and has an energetic vibe to it, even the boring study sessions can be a little interesting. And as summer vacations arrive, the same study table becomes an arcade of creative activities and hobbies. IKEA’s children’s desks range from simple designs with a broad surface, to fancy corner workstations that have several compartments. This right here is the place where bright minds work, and curiosity takes the front seat. It can also be the place for you to bond with your kid through amusing art activities. These tables have the ideal height and shape that maintain a healthy body posture. Exam prep, school project, or a chapter of their favourite fantasy fiction novel, your children will have the perfect environment ready for such occasions at all times. Here’s our collection of kidfriendly workspaces to help you choose the best one. 

A study table for kids makes them independent

It is never too late to teach your kids life lessons. Doing things by yourself, being responsible, and being self-reliant are more than just tools to promote discipline. These things also create a sense of independence. When your child has a study table for individual pursuits, it makes them responsible for their belongings. 

Homework or memorising lessons, any task seems more disciplined when done at a study table for kids. This is your child’s space, the zone where they can enjoy privacy and you can still keep an eye on them. 

When you give your kids their own little booths, they also learn the importance of organisation and cleanliness. Messy table surfaces with books and stationery items must be cleaned up. These small habits go a long way in creating a disciplined lifestyle.

The ideal size of a kids study table

As the saying goes, “kids grow up so fast”. In the blink of an eye, your toddler is already a teenager. With every growing stage, you have to keep changing the furniture in your kid’s room. But when you invest in an innovative model that has adjustable features, you can use the same furniture for years on end. Such budget-friendly designs are available at IKEA.

We understand that it is necessary for kids to have a study table that keeps their body posture intact. It is not at all desirable for your young ones to have back pain and sore neck at this age. That’s why our models have adjustable legs that can be changed whenever. To match the growing height of your kids, the mechanics can be rearranged in the simplest way. There’s no need to reassemble the desk, just slight movement of the turners on its legs will do the job. 

Apart from having the ideal height, the next dimensions to watch out for are the length and width. These measurements create the table surface. A kids study table surface must be large enough to accommodate their books, pens, and stationery items, alongwith a table lamp and other essentials. It should also keep their forearms and elbows well-rested when they are studying or drawing at the desk. 

IKEA’s children’s desks are designed with a clear intention of keeping them fit. When they feel relaxed, it becomes easier to focus on the task. And when they are little, it can be the best surface for fun DIY projects. 

A children’s desk has attractive shapes and colours

Nothing screams more fun than art and craft activities. Letting the imagination go wild, throwing around the colours, and creating something from scratch. It’s a great way of letting your children express themselves. An exciting project also needs an exciting environment. That’s where IKEA’s kid’s tables come in. 

Any children’s desk from our collection can be the companion your child needs to tap into their artistic abilities. Our designs come in shades of white, turquoise, black, and brown, and have a shape that is comfortable for toddlers. Although simplistic, the desk range from IKEA can be personalised in many ways. You can decorate your child’s desk with flower pots, fairy lights, pen stands and other colourful decor pieces. It can be a makeover project where you get to bond with your little one. 

The shape of a children’s desk should be such that it gives sufficient leg space. This will keep your kids comfortable for a long time. A minimalist design also makes it easier to clean the room. No dust on the shelves, no paper bits in the corners, and no pencil scratches. Something that is every parent’s dream.

A children’s reading table is the place where hobbies come to life

Encouraging hobbies in your child from a young age can be the most effective way of shaping their personality. Hobbies that relieve stress, keep them engaged, or are productive will remain with them throughout their lives. It can also be the start of a shared interest between you.  

A children’s reading table offers the ideal environment for getting lost in their favourite book. Instead of slouching on the couch, or lazing around on the bed, your child can read peacefully from this comfort zone by sitting in an upright position. 

Drawing, painting, and crafts can make a lot of mess. But when you have a desk in the kids room, the mess can stay there. These activities keep them occupied during vacations and also inspire ideas through their setting. Safe science experiments, or arranging their toys, our children’s desks are suitable for all young ages.

Kids study desk can be combined with shelves and racks

When you have kids, there can never be enough room for stationery items. More so, as they grow older, the things keep adding on to this list. To make sufficient space for these things, you will need a study desk that comes with compartments. 

IKEA’s kids study desk has a surface wide enough to accommodate more than just textbooks and notebooks. You can keep a computer, and other electronic gadgets here as well. After all, once your little ones are well into their teenage years, they’ll need computers and tabs to do their work. By investing in one of our designs, you don’t have to replace your existing desk with a bigger model. The features in our children’s desks are suitable for all school years. 

A kids study desk from IKEA has a very modest structure. We want to keep these designs kid-friendly by limiting the scope for injuries and hazards. But you can pair it up with a shelf unit from our range of storage compartments. These are movable designs and create additional space. It also generates a well-organised environment for the kids. By making use of the wall space, these compartments divert the mess from the floor onto the racks. 

Where to place a kids writing table?

When you have kids, it’s not realistic to have a sparkling home at all times. There’s toys, books, pencils, videogames scattered around everywhere and the floor is barely visible at times. As delightful as it is to have your child be so energetic and expressive, what you need is a zone that is specially dedicated for this enthusiasm. Place a kids writing table in the most appropriate part of the house, and you’ll never have to clean the house twice a day.

If your kids have their own rooms, you can position the writing table in one of the corners. That way, you keep the area in the middle unoccupied. This gives plenty of room to move, and even run around.  A corner workstation from IKEA is a bold piece of furniture that is suitable for kids of all ages. A simple desk frame can also be placed next to the wardrobe or window. 

A children's study table can sometimes be of use to you as well. If you position it in your living room, it can double down as a workstation for you on days when you have to work from home. Your laptop and cables can easily fit into the surface and you can work peacefully. A place for files by the day, and a fun zone with the kids on weekends. 

Matching a children’s study table with other essentials 

What’s a study table without its better half, the chair? An ergonomic chair completes the environment needed for a comfortable study experience. Chairs for your little ones can be found at IKEA. These mini designs provide awesome body support, and have adjustable height features. Your kids can slide your legs under the desk and be engaged in their activities without feeling any discomfort. 

Another important element for your child’s desk is a table lamp. Pleasant lighting can improve anyone’s mood. And for tedious crafts with your tiny tots, you need a bright lamp that can put the spotlight on the art. 

When your kids don’t have their own bedroom, or share it with their siblings, a study table can be the most comforting place. And as they grow up, when you let them pursue their interests by the desk, it keeps them relaxed and more involved. It can also improve their concentration since the disturbances are kept away. Our children’s desk collection is specifically designed for young minds who can never run out of the desire to learn something and keep experimenting. Be it simple science experiments, mystery novels, or just making a birthday card, any activity is fun when your kid has the right study desk to support them.