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Children's desks

For Exam Preparations And Art Projects!

Give your kids a place to study, play, and indulge in their hobbies and get our children’s desks for their room. You can even combine them with add-on storage units to organise their books, stationery, and more. Choose from our MICKE range for your pre-teens to keep their computers or let our vibrant PÅHL series grow with your kids. And if you’ve got an artist at home, our FLISAT arts and crafts desk gives your child a place to unleash their creativity. Don’t forget to add some comfy chairs to keep their posture straight!

Your child’s companion through school work, hobbies, and more

Create a functional study nook in your kid’s room with the help of our children’s desks. Let them learn, play, draw, and read to their heart’s content. Get our black-brown MICKE for your pre-teen. It comes with a storage unit that you can mount on the left or right and a cable outlet to neatly arrange their laptop chargers. And if you need more storage, you can always combine the add-on shelf unit. Adjust the shelves to keep their books, CDs, and more, and use the top area to display their pictures and trophies. The drawers are handy to keep their pens and crayons within reach. Worried your kid will outgrow the desk? Our PÅHL children’s desks can be adapted to five different heights. They come with cable holders for extension cords and vibrant coloured-panels that you can flip to change the look. And if you have a budding artist in the house, our FLISAT arts and crafts desk lets them sketch and paint in peace. We’ve designed it with a holder for our MÅLA drawing paper roll and the desktop to tilt to keep your child comfortable.

Choosing the right height of study table for kids

The height of a study table should be right for your child to sit comfortably without knocking their knees on the desk. A study table for kids that is height adjustable will grow with your child. The average study table is 26 to 30 inches tall. Pair your study table with a height adjustable chair for the most comfortable seating position.

Desks for smaller spaces

A study table should fit into your room easily. For a smaller space, choose a less wide table or a corner unit. The MICKE corner workstation is a clever design with a desk and storage in a compact design that fits into a room corner. You can extend the MICKE desktop by combining it with matching MICKE drawer units. You also get the benefit of more storage.

Adequate storage

Your child should have enough storage for their books, study materials and stationery close at hand. Some children prefer a storage unit that is easily accessible from their desk. You can also choose a study table with a shelving unit on the desk. Some study tables have storage drawers and cabinets under the desk. For such a desk, it is best to choose a model that lets you mount the desk legs to the left or right as you prefer. You can add more storage by adding shelves to the desk’s top or a storage unit from the same series placed alongside it.

Choosing child-friendly designs

Children’s furniture should be manufactured with attention to the safety and suitability of the materials and design chosen. A sturdy desk will endure years of wear and tear. Pick desks that have drawer stops to prevent the drawers from falling out when pulled out too enthusiastically. Surfaces that are easy to clean are ideal for children’s desks. For younger children, it is wiser to place the desk against the wall to prevent tipping over. A comfortable and attractive study table for kids gives them a place to be creative. Pick a desk finished in a colour that your child likes.

Electronics friendly designs

Children use smart devices and laptops for their studies. A study table for kids with smart cable and changing device management is essential for safety and prevents a messy tangle of wires. A desk with a small ledge under the top to hold adaptors' sockets saves space on the top of the desk. An access hole on the desk surface or at the back helps pass cables through for better cable management.

Desks for small children

Younger children learn by mimicking adults and older children. If your little one wants a study desk, select a suitable model for smaller children to sit at for colouring and art projects. The FLISAT desk is ideal for smaller children and can be adjusted to three different heights as your child grows. The desktop tilts and has a groove that prevents pens and pencils from rolling off when the top is tilted. It also has holders for the MÅLA drawing paper roll and TROFAST storage boxes to conveniently put away stationery and art supplies.

Complete the set with some cosy children’s desk chairs.