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Dining tables

Where Your Family Comes Together

So much happens around your dining table from breakfast to homework, which is why our dining tables are designed for more than just eating. Our STORNÄS dining table, made of solid pine, can comfortably seat four and quickly be extended to entertain a party of six. Keep the conversations going with the INGATORP extendable table that can make space for more when needed. While our NORDEN gateleg table is perfect for two, lift both the drop-leaves to make space for a double-date. Most of our dining tables are resistant to sticky hands and the usual wear and tear.

Make entertaining in a small space easy

When you have limited kitchen space, an extendable table is a great solution as you can pull it out when you’re entertaining guests, then collapse it for everyday use. Our extendable dining tables come in different styles and sizes, so you can find the ideal table for hosting family and friends.

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Red-stained PINNTORP chairs and a PINNTORP gateleg table are in a Swedish cottage-style dining room with blue walls.
A bowl of cornflakes with milk, a jar of cornflakes, a glass and a vase with a branch are on top of a grey GRÅSALA table.
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Dining tables and chairs that are the perfect match

Looking for a new dining set? We’ve made it easy for you to find a complete dining set, whether you are going for a traditional-style look or a more sleek and modern one. We’ve put together chairs and tables that go perfectly together, so you’re sure to have a coordinated and great-looking dining room.

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An airy, light room with a DANDERYD drop-leaf table and two grey-and-white DANDERYD chairs beneath a TORARED sedge pendant.
A white EKEDALEN extendable table, three EKEDALEN chairs and an EKEDALEN bench are in a cosy room with plenty of books.
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Dining room furniture for easy coordination

LISABO series – Tables and chairs with a light, hand-crafted look and very easy to assemble
RÖNNINGE series – Create a homey feeling with soft, light wood
NORDVIKEN series – Classic-style furniture that works great in small spaces

A Place For Breakfast, Dinner And Everything In Between

From sharing stories at the dinner room to helping your kid finish his homework, the dinner table is where your family bonds. The extendable dining tables from the STORNÄS series are durable, strong and tested against the toughest standards. The round extendable tables from the INGATORP collection is stylish with a traditional vibe. The clear-lacquered surface is easy to wipe clean giving you more time for the fun stuff. 

Combining style and practicality is the NORBERG wall-mounted drop-leaf table; perfect for urban homes, it can seat two during dinner time or drop the leaf to convert it into a shelf. If you need extra storage space for cutlery and napkins, check out our NORDEN gateleg table that comes with six drawers. It’s spacious enough for your laptop when you need to get things done or you can lift up both the leaves to reserve a table for four. Don’t forget to check out our collection of chairs and dining tables online to complete your dinner table set. 

Buy Dining Table Sets Online in India 

A dining table is a fundamental piece of furniture found in households, restaurants, and various other settings where people gather to share meals and engage in social interactions. Its primary purpose is to provide a dedicated surface where individuals can sit around and comfortably enjoy meals together. Beyond its utilitarian function, dining tables and chairs often serve as a centerpiece in interior design, reflecting the style, aesthetic, and overall ambiance of a space.

In addition to its aesthetic and functional aspects, a dining table can be symbolic of togetherness and community. It often serves as a gathering point for family members, friends, and guests to come together, share stories, celebrate occasions, and strengthen relationships. The seating arrangement around a dining table can facilitate conversation and create a sense of unity, making it an essential element of hospitality and interpersonal connections.

Things to Consider Before Buying Dining Tables Online for Your home 

Choosing the right dining table online for your home involves several important considerations to ensure it meets your needs, fits your space, and complements your aesthetic preferences. Here are some key factors to think about before making a purchase:

Available Space

Measure the area where you intend to place the dining table and chairs. Consider not only the table's dimensions but also the space required for comfortable seating and movement around the table.

Seating Capacity

Determine how many people you typically expect to seat at the table. Choose a table size that can accommodate your family and any guests you might have. Extending tables can be a great option for flexible seating.

Style and Design

Consider your interior decor style. Whether you prefer a traditional, modern, rustic, industrial, or other design, ensure the table's style complements your existing furniture and overall theme.


Dining tables and chairs come in a variety of materials, such as wood, glass, metal, and stone. Each material has its characteristics in terms of aesthetics, durability, and maintenance. Choose a material that aligns with your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Table Height

Standard dining tables are around 30 inches (76 cm) high, but variations exist. Ensure the table height is comfortable for seating and dining.


Set a budget for your dining table purchase. Prices can vary significantly based on size, material, brand, and design.

Taking the time to carefully consider these factors will help you choose a dining table online that not only looks great in your space but also enhances your dining and social experiences at home.

Buy Dining Table Sets by Shape

Dining tables come in various shapes, each offering unique advantages and aesthetic qualities. Here are some common shapes of dining tables:

Rectangular Dining Tables

This is the most traditional and common shape. Rectangular tables provide ample space for seating and food placement, making them suitable for larger gatherings and formal dining rooms.

Round Dining Tables

Round tables encourage conversation and create a sense of intimacy among diners. They work well in smaller spaces and can accommodate more people than their size might suggest, as there are no sharp corners that limit seating.

Square Dining Tables

Square tables are a great choice for smaller dining areas or for creating a cozy atmosphere. They can facilitate easy conversation among a smaller group of people.

Oval Dining Tables

Oval tables combine the benefits of both rectangular and round tables. They offer a similar space as rectangular tables while maintaining the friendly, conversational atmosphere of a round table.

Extension Dining Tables

These tables come in various shapes (often rectangular or round) and include leaves or extensions that can be added to increase seating capacity. They offer flexibility for accommodating different group sizes.

When choosing a dining table shape, consider both the functional aspects and the overall style of your space. The shape should complement your room's layout, accommodate your seating needs, and contribute to the desired ambience for dining and social interactions.

Why Buying Dining Table Online at IKEA

IKEA tables have qualities that will greatly enhance your overall experience and satisfaction. IKEA tables are backed by a reputation for quality and craftsmanship that has been built over years of consistent performance and customer satisfaction. 

We invest significant time and resources in research and development, ensuring that IKEA dining tables are designed with precision, functionality, and durability in mind. This means you can buy a product that not only looks appealing but also stands the test of time, providing you with long-lasting value. By opting for IKEA dining tables, you're not just buying a piece of furniture – you're investing in quality, reliability, and a heightened overall experience.

Types of Dining Table Sets Range Available Online at IKEA

IKEA Dining tables come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different numbers of seats. They are designed to suit various needs and spaces. 

2-Seater Dining Tables

These tables are smaller in size and typically come in various shapes, such as round, square, or rectangular, to suit different spaces and styles. 2-seater dining tables are well-suited for intimate settings, small kitchens, apartments, or cozy dining nooks. They offer a cozy and close dining experience, making them ideal for couples, roommates, or those looking for a space-efficient solution for meals while conserving floor space.

4-Seater Dining Tables

Ideal for smaller households or cozy dining spaces, 4-seater dining tables typically consist of a table with enough room to comfortably seat four people. These tables are perfect for intimate gatherings, casual meals, or apartments with limited space. They often come in round, square, or small rectangular shapes, allowing for easy conversation and a sense of closeness among diners.

6-Seater Dining Tables

A 6-seater dining table provides a bit more space, making it great for medium-sized families or for hosting small gatherings of friends. With room for six people, these tables strike a balance between intimacy and functionality. Rectangular and oval shapes are common for 6-seater tables, offering a versatile layout for both formal and informal dining occasions.

8-Seater Dining Tables

Suitable for larger families or those who frequently entertain guests, 8-seater dining tables offer ample seating space for gatherings and dinner parties. These tables are often rectangular or oval, providing an elongated layout that promotes group conversations. With two people seated on each side, they create an inviting atmosphere for shared meals and celebrations.

10-Seater Dining Tables

These tables are typically rectangular or oval in shape, offering an elongated layout to accommodate multiple diners on each side. 10-seater dining tables are well-suited for larger families, those who frequently host gatherings or dinner parties, or individuals with generous dining spaces. They provide ample seating for social interactions and shared meals, creating a grand and inviting atmosphere for both formal and informal occasions.

Extension Dining Tables

For those who frequently host larger gatherings, a dining table with extension leaves can be a versatile option. Extendable dining tables can be adjusted to accommodate extra guests when needed, making them adaptable for both everyday use and special occasions. These tables are often rectangular or oval and can comfortably seat up to ten people or more.

Counter Height and Bar Height Tables

Counter-height and bar-height dining tables provide a unique seating experience, usually accompanied by matching stools or high chairs. Bar tables create a more casual and pub-like atmosphere, often found in kitchen dining spaces or open-plan layouts. They're great for quick meals, socializing, or creating a casual dining nook.

Wall Mounted Tables

Wall-mounted tables are space-saving furniture pieces designed to be attached to a wall, typically with hinges or brackets, allowing them to be folded down when needed and folded up when not in use. These tables are versatile and practical, making them ideal for small spaces, apartments, or areas where floor space is limited. They come in various sizes, shapes, and styles, offering a convenient solution for maximizing functionality in compact environments while maintaining a clutter-free look when not in use.

Round tables 

Round dining tables are circular in shape. They promote a sense of unity and inclusivity among diners, making them conducive to conversation and interaction. Round dining tables come in various sizes, from small bistro-style tables to larger ones suitable for formal dining or gatherings.

Table Frames and Table Tops

Along with full tables, IKEA also offers table frames and dining table tops separately so that you can customize them according to your requirements and match the decor of your home. These are also an extremely convenient and economical way to spruce up the decor in your home and give it a refreshed feel.

Best Modern Dining Table by Material At IKEA 

Common types of materials used in IKEA dining tables are:

Solid Wood: Various types of wood, such as oak, maple, walnut, and cherry, are generally used to make tables. Wooden dining tables are popular for their durability, timeless beauty, and ability to be refinished if scratched.

Engineered Wood: MDF (medium-density fiberboard) and plywood are often used as a base for veneers or laminates, providing a cost-effective alternative to solid wood with good stability.

Glass: Tempered glass is sleek and modern, creating an open and airy feel. It's visually light but requires regular cleaning to maintain its transparency.

Metal: Steel or iron frames with glass, wood, or stone tops can offer an industrial or contemporary look, but they may be susceptible to scratching or denting.

Stone: Tables with granite, marble, or quartz tops add luxury and elegance but may be heavier and require more maintenance to prevent staining.

Laminate: A layer of plastic or resin is applied to engineered wood, creating a durable and budget-friendly option available in various finishes and designs.

Each material brings its own qualities, aesthetics, and considerations to the dining table, so choosing the right one depends on factors like your personal style, maintenance preferences, budget, and the overall ambience you want to create in your dining space.

Quick Tips for Preserving the Elegance of Your Dining Table Set

Preserving the elegance of your dining table set requires consistent care and attention. Here are some quick tips to help you maintain its beauty and longevity:

Use Placemats and Coasters

Always use placemats and coasters under plates, glasses, and hot dishes to prevent scratches, stains, and heat damage to the table's surface.

Clean Regularly

Wipe down the table after each meal with a soft, damp cloth to remove crumbs, spills, and dust. Avoid abrasive or harsh cleaning agents that could damage the finish.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Position the table away from direct sunlight to prevent fading or discoloration of the wood or finish over time.

Protect from Heat and Moisture

Use trivets or heat-resistant pads when placing hot pots or dishes on the table. Be cautious about moisture; use coasters for cold drinks to prevent condensation rings.

Dust Regularly

Dust the table and chairs regularly with a soft, lint-free cloth to prevent dust buildup and maintain a polished appearance.

Avoid Sharp Objects

Prevent scratches by refraining from using sharp utensils or tools directly on the table's surface. Use cutting boards when necessary.

Handle with Care

Lift and move objects instead of dragging them across the table. This prevents scratches and prevents stress on the table's legs and joints.

Cover when Not in Use

Consider using a tablecloth or a protective cover when the dining table set is not in use, especially for special occasions or extended periods.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your dining table set retains its elegance and remains a focal point of your home for years to come.


How to decorate a dining table?

You can decorate your dining table with a tablecloth or runner as a base, then place a centerpiece such as a vase of fresh flowers or a decorative bowl in the middle and add subtle lighting with candles or a simple, elegant light fixture above the table.

How to arrange a dining table?

Place a centerpiece, like a floral arrangement or a decorative bowl and arrange the tableware symmetrically, setting plates at the center of each chair with utensils neatly arranged on either side. Position glasses above the knives, and fold napkins or place them on the plates or in glasses. 

Do I need a dining table?

A dining table can greatly enhance your living space and provide a designated area for meals and gatherings. It offers a convenient and comfortable space for eating, entertaining guests, and enjoying shared meals with family or friends. If you have limited space, you might find creative ways to create a dining area using smaller tables, countertop seating, or even floor cushions.

How to make the dining table look nice?

You can make your dining table look nice by incorporating personal touches like place cards, flower vases, decorative bowls, or placemats and table runners. You can easily switch these decorations according to the seasons or for upcoming festivals and celebrations.

Can I customize a dining table to match my interior design?

Yes, you can customize a dining table to match your interior design. Choose a dining table style, material, and finish that complements the overall aesthetic of your space by considering factors like the table's shape, size, and leg design. You can also personalize it with custom upholstery for chairs, unique hardware, or even a custom paint or stain finish.

What seating options are suitable for my dining table?

A small round table can typically seat 4 people and larger round tables can seat 6 comfortably. A small square table usually seats 4 people, while a larger one that is around 54-60 inches (137-152 cm), can accommodate 8 people. A standard rectangular table can comfortably seat 6 people while longer tables can accommodate 8-10 or more guests.

How do I determine the right dining table height for comfortable seating?

The standard height for a dining table is around 29 to 30 inches (74 to 76 cm) from the floor to the tabletop. This height accommodates most dining chairs and allows for comfortable legroom. Ultimately, people's heights and preferences vary, so take into account the comfort and height of your family who will be using the table regularly.

How can I protect my dining table from scratches and damage?

To protect your dining table from scratches and damage, use placemats, table runners, or a protective tablecloth to create a barrier between dishes and the table surface. Use high-quality, soft felt or rubber pads to place under heavy items like dishes, centerpieces, or electronic devices to prevent direct contact with the table. Use coasters for beverages to prevent water rings. When serving hot dishes, use trivets or heat-resistant mats to shield the table from heat damage.

What is the most suitable material choice for a dining table?

Solid wood, such as oak, maple, or walnut, offers durability, timeless appeal, and can be refinished if scratched. Glass tables create a modern and airy feel but require regular cleaning to avoid fingerprints. Metal or steel tables add an industrial or contemporary touch but may scratch or dent more easily. Each material has its pros and cons, so selecting the right one involves considering factors like maintenance, durability, style, and how well it complements your overall dining space.

Which shape is more advisable, When deciding between a round and a rectangular dining table?

Deciding between a round and a rectangular dining table depends on your space, seating preferences, and style. Round tables encourage intimate conversations as everyone is equidistant, making them great for smaller spaces and casual gatherings. They soften the lines of a room and promote inclusivity. Rectangular tables are ideal for larger groups, formal dinners, or longer spaces, offering more seating capacity and a sense of grandeur.

What is the price of IKEA dining table sets?

Ikea has dining table sets for all budgets and requirements. Our dining table price range starts from 3,200 Rs and goes up to 38,000 Rs.