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Back sleepers, side sleepers, hug-your-pillow sleepers, there's a pillow here made just for you. Choose from pillows filled with down and feathers, memory foam or polyester in a variety of thicknesses to support your sleeping style. Check out our range of sleep essentials including mattresses to floral prints bedding.

Complete sleep comfort with an ergonomic pillow

After a long day, choose an ergonomic pillow to reward your head and neck with snug support. Soft curves cradle the head as you sleep, helping you feel refreshed when it’s time for your wake-up call.

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A slightly ruffled dark blue sheet that has an uncovered white ROSENSKÄRM ergonomic pillow on the top.
    Two MJÖLKKLOCKA pillows placed together on a bed.
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      A person sleeps blissfully in her bed and holding her pillow.

      How to improve the quality of your sleep in winter

      Seasonal variations can have an impact on our sleep-wake cycle. Explore how our sleep pattern changes during the winter months and find practical advice on how to improve it.

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      Pillows for every sleep style

      Side, back or front? Whichever way you like to sleep, our polyester pillows come in two different heights so you get the right support. They’re all filled with our soft, fluffy recycled polyester for dream comfort every night.

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      Two different SKOGSFRÄKEN pillows are piled on top of each other on top of a folded STJÄRNBRÄCKA duvet on a bed.
        A mattress on top of a black and white STOCKHOLM rug with an uncovered duvet and two LAPPTÅTEL high pillows on top.
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          A person seen sleeping on her LUNDTRAV pillow.

          Down & feather pillows

          You can’t rest your head on a cloud, but our feather pillows can get you pretty close to the same feeling (we imagine anyway…how could we actually know?). Our down pillows come in softer and firmer options – and they’re all machine washable at a very hot temperature to kill dust mites.

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          Find the perfect pillows for your bed. One of the most important choices for a good night’s sleep is the choice of pillows. Some sleepers like a high and soft pillow, others prefer flatter and firmer. Whichever pillows you like and however you sleep, you’ll be able to find one that helps you rest your wary head in our wide range of bed pillows. 

          Soft pillows, firm pillows, little ball of down

          When choosing the firmness and material of your pillows there are two important things to consider. How do you normally sleep? And what do you like?

          The first consideration regarding how you normally sleep helps you narrow down your choice. For side and back sleepers for instance, a firmer higher pillow is often a good choice. For somebody that prefers sleeping on their stomach, a flatter softer pillow might be a better choice, since it allows you to align your head, neck and spine in a better way.

          We also have specific ergonomic bed pillows that are made specially for side and back sleepers. If you haven’t tried an ergonomic pillow made of memory foam, it could revolutionize your sleep. They mould to the shape of your head and neck with the help of your body temperature.

          And this brings us to the last consideration. Whatever we, or anyone else, writes or recommends the choice is ultimately a choice of personal preference. What feels right, good and comfortable for you? The pillows that you like the most will also be the pillows that help you get the best sleep. 

          Pillows in different materials

          We have pillows with covers in different materials and with different fillings. The different materials give the pillows different characteristics. Some are softer, others mould, some breathe very well, others absorb moisture efficiently. Read the description of each pillow carefully to choose the material that suits your needs best. And remember that we also have sustainable materials that are friendly towards the environment –which also could help you sleep better, thanks to a cleaner conscience.