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PAX sliding doors

Trade handles and hinges for rails and wheels. Sliding wardrobe doors don’t take any space to open, but they do add modern style to a room. Choose from pairs of sliding doors or combine panels for a custom look. Now if only they would close themselves. (We’ll mention that to our designers.)

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Sliding wardrobe doors have some advantages over hinged doors. The most obvious is that the doors don’t need a space in front of the wardrobe in order for you to open them. In compact living situations, sliding wardrobe doors can be the ideal way of fitting a larger wardrobe into your limited space. Stylistically the sliding doors give a modern look to the wardrobe. For an integrated wardrobe that blends seamlessly into a room, sliding doors are a practical choice.

Sliding mirror doors

Enhance a sliding door wardrobe’s convenience and practicality even further, by choosing sliding doors made of mirror. Once you’ve dressed up with the clothes from your wardrobe, you’re going to want to see how it looks. Sliding doors with mirrors make that effortless - just slide the door into place and check yourself out in the full-length mirror.

With sliding mirror doors, you add at least one, or more, big mirrors to your room. This can give the impression that the room is more spacious and lofty – making a small bedroom feel much bigger.

Mix and match to your taste

With PAX wardrobe solutions and sliding doors you can create your own wardrobe look, that perfectly suits your needs and style. Create your own wardrobe by mixing and matching sliding door. Maybe you’d like mirror doors for one door, and an oak finish on the other? Whichever colours, combinations and sizes you like – you can build the wardrobe of your choice with parts from PAX wardrobe system.

With a 10-year guarantee, smooth closing doors and the possibility to customise your wardrobe, we’d say PAX is a good flexible choice. But if you're not sure PAX is right for you, then go ahead and have a look at our other wardrobes.