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Storage solution systems

Stashed, stored and sorted!

No matter what you need to store, we have the perfect storage solution for it. Browse our wide range of storage systems that come in different styles and sizes. From wooden cabinets that you can hang on the wall to free-standing metal shelves, and everything in between.

In a warmly lit garage are IVAR open wall shelves in natural pine and painted green, and lots of arts and crafts material.
A person in a laundy room reaches to hang a piece of clothing on a BOAXEL laundry combination with boxes with lids on it.
A room with a black BROR shelving unit with drawers and shelves  with plenty of camping and outdoor items stored in it.
Two HYLLIS shelving units are in the corner of a small outdoor area with plants, boxes and a greenhouse on its shelves.
An OMAR shelving unit stands against a dark wall, with pickled food in KORKEN jars with lids, pots and napkins on its shelves.

Secure your furniture to the wall

Make sure you properly fasten all large and tall furniture with the included wall-attachment devices. This is to prevent it from tipping over. Find out more about possible risk factors in the home and how you can avoid accidents.

See more about furniture safety

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More optionsBESTÅ Wall-mounted cabinet combination 60x22x38 cm

BESTÅ Wall-mounted cabinet combination, white/Lappviken light grey/beige, 60x22x38 cmBESTÅ Wall-mounted cabinet combination, white/Hedeviken oak veneer, 60x22x38 cmBESTÅ Wall-mounted cabinet combination, black-brown/Selsviken high-gloss/black, 60x22x38 cmBESTÅ Wall-mounted cabinet combination, black-brown Hedeviken/dark brown stained oak veneer, 60x22x38 cmBESTÅ Wall-mounted cabinet combination, white/Kallviken light grey, 60x22x38 cmBESTÅ Wall-mounted cabinet combination, white Glassvik/white/light green frosted glass, 60x22x38 cm

More optionsIVAR Cabinet with doors 80x83 cm

IVAR Cabinet with doors, grey-green mesh, 80x83 cmIVAR Cabinet with doors, black mesh, 80x83 cm

More optionsPAX / BERGSBO Wardrobe with 1 door 50x60x236 cm

PAX / FARDAL Wardrobe with 1 door, white/high-gloss/white, 50x60x236 cm

More optionsBESTÅ Wall cabinet with 2 doors 60x22x128 cm

BESTÅ Wall cabinet with 2 doors, black-brown/Hedeviken oak veneer, 60x22x128 cmBESTÅ Wall cabinet with 2 doors, white Studsviken/white woven poplar, 60x22x128 cmBESTÅ Wall cabinet with 2 doors, black-brown Hedeviken/dark brown stained oak veneer, 60x22x128 cmBESTÅ Wall cabinet with 2 doors, black-brown/Selsviken high-gloss/black, 60x22x128 cmBESTÅ Wall cabinet with 2 doors, black-brown/Riksviken brushed dark pewter effect, 60x22x128 cmBESTÅ Wall cabinet with 2 doors, white/Selsviken high-gloss/white, 60x22x128 cm

More optionsEKET Cabinet with 4 compartments 70x35x70 cm

EKET Cabinet with 4 compartments, dark grey, 70x35x70 cm
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What are the best home storage solutions to keep clutter at bay?

In the quest for a serene and orderly home, finding the right storage solutions is key. The best storage systems are those that not only provide ample space but also enhance the aesthetics of your living area. They should be versatile enough to adapt to your changing needs and robust enough to withstand daily use. Modular units are particularly effective, allowing you to customise your storage space to fit your unique requirements. Whether it's for the living room, bedroom, or even the garage, these systems can transform chaotic spaces into models of efficiency.

How can you incorporate storage solutions at home without compromising on style?

Incorporating storage solutions at home is an art that balances practicality with visual appeal. The secret lies in selecting designs that complement your interior décor while offering the functionality you need. Consider units with sleek lines and neutral tones that can seamlessly integrate into any room. For a more personal touch, opt for storage with open shelving to display cherished items or with doors to hide away the less presentable. The key is to choose pieces that serve as both storage and a statement of your personal style.

What should you consider when selecting a storage system for your home?

Consider not only the size and layout of your space but also the type of items you need to store. Look for systems with adjustable components that can be tailored to fit various items, from bulky equipment to delicate trinkets. Pay attention to the materials and construction quality, as these will determine the longevity and durability of your storage. Ease of assembly and flexibility for future modifications are also important factors to keep in mind.

With the right storage systems in place, your home can become a haven of tranquillity and order. These solutions offer a practical way to keep your belongings organised while adding a touch of elegance to your living space. Remember, a clutter-free environment leads to a clearer mind, and with the perfect blend of functionality and style, you can enjoy the peace and comfort of a well-organised home.