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A sustainable everyday

We want to empower people to live more sustainably, so we’re focusing on affordable, resource and energy efficient products. With home solar panels, veggie hot dogs, and energy-saving solutions, we’re paving the way for more sustainable homes for the many.

Become an expert in energy efficiency at home

When it comes to saving energy, the little things can make a big difference. At IKEA, we have loads of products to make your home more sustainable. We want to inspire and enable as many people as possible to live more sustainably – and to make it easy and affordable. 

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Working together to reduce waste

Although we already have a recycling rate of 53% in Switzerland and are therefore among the frontrunners in comparison with the rest of Europe, we can still do even better and consume fewer resources. Simply by making a few small changes to our day-to-day routine and with a few clever products, you too can help produce less waste. With us, you can discover plenty of tips on how to go beyond simply separating waste and help reduce waste in future.

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Choosing more sustainable materials

We are continuing our journey towards only sourcing renewable or recycled materials by 2030. We aim to use only renewable or recycled materials and to provide new solutions for our customers to prolong the life of products and materials.

A coarsely woven rug with several printed pictures plus a variety of raw materials including leaves and wool.
The sun setting behind a building on a street full of pedestrians. In the foreground leaves of a bush are lit up by the sun.

A clear sustainability strategy

We’ve set ambitious goals. This includes commiting to becoming climate positive by 2030. This means reducing more greenhouse gas emissions than the full IKEA value chain emits, while growing the IKEA business.

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