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Finally with you. At home.

Get inspired by the big and small, the affordable and sustainable, the colourful and cosy and the many smart solutions that make each of these homes just that – a home!

A couple sits across from each other at a MÖRBYLÅNGA table. An IDÅSEN shelving unit is behind them holding glassware.

A city apartment designed for the good life

Through clever storage solutions and zoned areas that mean less clutter and stress, this colourful home is all about design elements that set the stage for dining, entertaining and enjoying the good life!

Step into this home

Step into another home

From a toddler-friendly home that embodies simplicity to an inner-city hub for creativity: explore these homes that are sure to offer plenty of great tips.

Get tips for a better home life and get inspired by other home ideas.

Every corner of the house can be used to improve self-esteem and well-being. You just need to know where to look.

40% of people who felt positive about their home in 2021 also saw an improvement in their mental wellbeing. Get some ideas on how to make your everyday life at home even better.

Find your balance, room by room