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Secondhand service

With our Secondhand service, you sell us used IKEA furniture you don’t need in a safe, streamlined way year-round. You’ll get IKEA credit. Someone else buys your old stuff second hand from us and gives it a new home. Everyone wins, especially the planet.

Two people are in the Second Chance market or As-Is area of an IKEA store. One sits on a white dining table while they talk.

How it works:

  1. Determine what you want to resell. Only unmodified, completely assembled second hand IKEA furniture is accepted for buy back at IKEA. Refer to the lists of eligible/ineligible products. For ineligible items, consider reuse, donation, selling via online marketplaces or recycling. 
  2. Use the buyback estimator tool.  Find what IKEA furniture you’re interested in selling and tell us its condition. You’ll get an estimate of what IKEA will pay to buy back your furniture.  
  3. Prep and go. Furniture must be clean and assembled. Bring your second hand IKEA furniture and your estimate to the Exchange and Returns section of your nearest or favourite IKEA store. Maximum of 5 pieces of furniture.
  4.  At the store, a co-worker will compare the furniture’s condition to the estimate and set a final buy back price (that can differ from the estimate). After the inspection, you’ll be issued an IKEA refund card. We’ll resell your furniture in our Second chance market. If we don’t accept your product, we can recycle/retire it in whatever eco-friendly ways are available.
  5. Pat yourself on the back. You’ve done a good deed. You’re helping us prolong product life, promote second hand furniture and waste less. Thanks for contributing to making IKEA more circular and to becoming people and planet positive!
  6. Spend your refund card online or in-store whenever you want. It’s redeemable for an unlimited period of time from the date of issue but can’t be used in our Bistros, Restaurants or Swedish Food Markets (IKEA Food). You can, however, certainly use it to bring home something “new to you” from the Second chance market!

Eligible products

No product is too old! ​

IKEA has been furnishing Swiss homes for many years and some older IKEA products might not be visible in our estimation tool. But do not worry, if your furniture piece is listed among furniture IKEA buys back below and fulfills the service criteria, we'd love to buy it back and find it a new home! ​Simply bring your furniture to the IKEA store and you will get a valuation of the product from our co-workers.

Second hand furniture IKEA buys back

  • Unmodified, completely assembled, clean IKEA products
  • Dressers
  • Office drawer cabinets
  • Small structures with drawers
  • Display storage
  • Sideboards
  • Bookcases and shelf units
  • Small tables
  • Multimedia furniture
  • Cabinets
  • Dining tables and desks
  • Chairs and stools (not upholstered)
  • Storage boxes & baskets (seagrass excluded) ​
  • Freestanding mirrors​
  • Floor & table lamps​
  • Speakers​

Second hand furniture IKEA doesn’t buy back

  • Non-IKEA products, hacked IKEA products, modified IKEA products
  • Individual components of combination/modular IKEA products
  • Products that have been used outside (including outdoor furniture)
  • Market hall items (accessories, decorations, lighting fixtures)
  • Mattresses and bed textiles (blankets, mattress protectors)
  • Sofas and armchairs
  • Soft furnishings (pillows, towels, rugs)
  • Textile, upholstered or leather products
  • Items that contain glass
  • Kitchens (including benchtops, cabinets, fronts)
  • PAX wardrobes and accessories
  • Other over-sized items
  • Appliances or other electrical items
  • Children’s and baby products (cribs, mattresses)

Frequently asked questions

  • The furniture types eligible for our Secondhand Service are listed above (see What second hand IKEA furniture does IKEA buy back?). For the details on if a specific product is part of the Service or not, we recommend to have a look into the estimation tool where all eligible products are included.

  • All Swiss IKEA stores offers the The Secondhand service.

  • The second hand furniture will be re-sold in the Second chance market of each Swiss IKEA store.

  • If the IKEA product is not part of the Secondhand service online quotation tool, we unfortunately do not accept it for the Secondhand Service. Also please note the service conditions of the service, including that we only accept clean, complete, unmodified, and assembled furniture.

  • No, transportation is in the responsibility of you as a customer. We do offer a rental van service, bookable via, for customers which need help with transportation.

  • The Refund card is valid for 10 years.

  • The furniture that we buy back will be re-sold in the Second chance market after being checked and refreshed.

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