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We're making it easier to live a more sustainable life at home by offering solutions that can save you money and preserve our precious resources too. We develop products that enable people to live more sustainably, and we share tips and ideas on how to live a better everyday life.

A sun lit room contains a wooden IVAR cabinet, two KNAGGLIG boxes set up as a coffee table and a FORNUFTIG air purifier sitting in the corner. A green floor plant sits by the window.
    A close-up of a FORNUFTIG air purifier next to a green floor plant.

      Affordable products by price

      Delicious plant-based food for better taste and a better planet

      Plant-based and ready-made veggie balls mean you can prepare tasty plant-based burgers yourself or enjoy the classic veggie balls straight from the freezer. Tastes like meat but made from pea protein.

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      A plate containing HUVUDROLL plant balls sits on a white countertop amongst other plates of food, the food package is propped up beside.
        Video: An interactive video demonstrating several HUVUDROLL plant balls cooking on a frying pan.
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        Saving energy at home

        Electricity makes life at home so much better. But how we use it adds up, both for our electric bills and the planet. We can help you to save energy with a fresh look at your lighting, heating and home appliances.

        Bright ideas for saving energy
        Multiple dimly lit pendant lights containing SOLHETTA light bulbs hang over a wooden dining table.
          A set of LADDA batteries are plugged into an outlet against a white wall.
            Bright ideas for saving energy

            Reduce food waste at home

            One way to reduce our climate impact is by minimizing waste. There are many ways to do this, from using only what we need, to creating a recycling station at home.

            Ideas to reduce food waste
            A hand is throwing food scraps into a HALLBAR garbage bin that sits open to reveal a full recycling system.
              A wooden SATSUMAS plant stand containing white plant pots with fresh herbs sits on a wooden countertop adjacent to a sink by a kitchen windowsill.
                Ideas to reduce food waste

                Love your furniture for longer

                Did you know? You can give your used furniture a new lease on life with little cost or effort by using spare parts, tools and paints.

                Renew your furniture
                Multiple RAST wooden 3 drawer chests sit lined up beside each other in a room, one drawer out of each chest is painted in a pastel color.
                  A wooden KNAGGLIG box sits on wheels in a bedroom setting, one of the wooden slats is painted a pastel blue.
                    Renew your furniture
                    Plant stand SATSUMAS in wooden colour placed in bright room with lots of green plants.

                    Gift ideas for plant lovers

                    Let us help you plant the seed to a greener future for someone special in your life. From garden plants to artificial flowers, a little piece of nature always goes a long way. 

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