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Removal service

With Furniture Bank, you can have your mattress or sofa removed and donated to families in need across the Greater Toronto Area (available in the GTA area only), allowing you to directly impact your community. That’s no stress, heavy lifting, or problem solving for you.

Two people lift a yellow armchair into the back of a delivery van that contains other furniture such as tables and chairs.

The price of removal service depends on whether we remove a mattress ($80) or a sofa ($90). It’s an easy way to make space for your new purchase and one less thing on your to-do list. What you pay funds Furniture Bank's charitable activities as they work to end furniture poverty – one sofa and one family at a time.


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 Removal service options and pricing 

 What the removal service can remove for you is shown below. If you have old IKEA furniture in good condition and can get it to a store yourself, you could earn IKEA credit through our Sell-Back Program. For small items such as fluorescent light bulbs and batteries, you can bring them to an IKEA store for recycling.

Mattress removal for $80

Have your old mattress removed by Furniture Bank and donated to families in need across the Greater Toronto Area.

Sofa removal for $90

Get your sofas removed by Furniture Bank and donated to families in need across the Greater Toronto Area.

Removal for other types of furniture

For removal of other types of furniture, you can contact Furniture Bank directly using the link below.

 How the removal service works

  1. Purchase your IKEA sofa or mattress online or in-store. Visit Furniture Bank's IKEA page or scan the QR code (in-store purchase) to request a pick-up of your IKEA sofa or mattress by Furniture Bank. To discuss removal for other types of furniture, please contact Furniture Bank directly.
  2. Choose a date and time. Furniture Bank will set up the most convenient date and time to suit your schedule.
  3. On removal day, ensure all products can be safely and smoothly removed from your home. Say tack and hej då (thanks and goodbye) to your old things. 
  4. Pay a fee and do a good deed. Your quality surplus furniture collected by Furniture Bank are safely processed and donated to thousands of families. Furniture Bank gives your unwanted quality furniture and household goods to those in need, helping to turn houses into homes - ensuring all Canadians can have a place to call home.

 Good-to-know basics

  • IKEA has partnered with Furniture Bank (pilot in the GTA area only) for convenient, easy and socially responsible furniture removal offering for your pre-loved unwanted sofas and mattresses.
  • Furniture Bank will schedule a convenient date and time for pick-up of the item(s). You can expect to pay $80 for mattress removal and $90 for sofa removal.
  • You will receive a charitable tax receipt directly from Furniture Bank.
  • When purchasing an IKEA mattress or sofa, you can visit Furniture Bank's IKEA page or scan the QR code (in-store purchase) to request a pick-up of your old items by Furniture Bank. 
  • To discuss a removal for other types of furniture, please contact Furniture Bank directly.

 Frequently asked questions

    • "If individuals and families overcoming displacement have choice of quality, appealing, furniture for their new lodgings, they will become settled more quickly, be more likely to create community and be more grounded to address other challenging circumstances." -Furniture Bank
    • IKEA is aiming to become truly circular, which includes prolonging the life of products and materials and using resources in a smarter way. Read more about our sustainability commitments here.
    • Furniture Bank is committed to fast and efficient service, and will contact customers within 24 hours of submitting a request online.
    • Furniture Bank follows all local safety protocols, and are able to complete an in-home removal service while utilizing personal protective equipment and physical distancing.
    • Visit to see all the furniture reuse organizations in the country wide network.