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Market hall makeovers

Let the bright Summer days inspire you to refresh and improve your home to make the most out of every room, wall and corner.  A simple seasonal update with inexpensive home accessories can go a long way to fill your home with new energy. Light up your space with new pops of colour, fresh textiles and a change of wall art that will be sure to get you in the Summer mood.

A rattan chair with a round pink pillow sitting beside a bright window and a small table with a pink vase filled with flowers.

Summer refresh for your bedroom

Bring the sunny season into your bedroom with textiles featuring new colours and prints, lush green plants and an air purifier to breathe in that fresh clean air. It’s an easy, breezy way to upgrade any (and every) room this season.

Bed textiles
Black metal SAGSTUA bed with greenery weaving up the side against a bright window, dressed with pink bedding and a beige rug on the floor.
Soft pink bedroom with a bed dressed in a BERGPALM duvet set and a shelf with picture frames and plants behind.
Several gray plant pots with green plants sitting on a window sill with beige curtains hanging on either side.
White FÖRNUFTIG air purifier sitting on the floor beside a white stool under black shelves with vases and books on top.
Black metal SAGSTUA bed dressed a white and pink VITPYROLA duvet cover.
Bed textiles

Accessories for a more organized kitchen

The key to a great kitchen is functionality and organization. Hang your kitchen accessories on a rail so you'll have your go-to helpers within reach at all times or create extra storage space by using a kitchen trolley for everything from tableware to spices. Now that everything is easy to find you can create something delicious!

Kitchen wall storage
White tiled Kitchen with sage green cabinets and a white shelf with a NEREBY wall organizer underneath holding various kitchen accessories.
White RÅSKOG cart filled with various kitchen accessories, jars, utensils and baking supplies.
Kitchen wall storage

Best buddies for sofas and armchairs

Your living room seating likely consists of lasting lookers, favourites for years to come. This also makes textiles and accessories –a throw and some cushions here, a matching vase there – an ideal complement for more frequent, refreshing updates.

Summer textiles
Bright living room with a beige sofa with cushions on top and a black metal side table and black lamp beside it.
Black and white KUSTFLY cushion on a beige sofa with a throw.
Summer textiles

Treat yourself to a well-planned work station

It may not involve a lot of movement, but focused tasks can still be hard work. Create an office space with the right lighting, an air purifier, smart storage organizers and some snacks on the side – there's a good chance you've given your head a head start, too.

Home office
Home office desk and chair with a gray-turquoise drawer unit and a black FÖRNUFTIG air purifier sitting on the floor beside.
Desk with a cork desk protector, black NÄVLINGE lamp and LIVBOJ phone charger.
Home office

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