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Countryside kitchen in the city


Here’s a kitchen that is traditional in style, yet modern in function. Vitrine glass cabinets are stylish and provide plenty of storage, while small details — like deep sinks and door knobs — help complete a homey look.

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A deep sink with a visible front not only makes a strong statement, but it also lets you stand closer to the sink without having to lean forward.

A low kitchen island in a crisp white colour is traditional in style, but also provides plenty of storage space underneath. So you can cook, eat, and chat all at the same time — and all while still being together.

IKEA TORNVIKEN white storage shelves come with a removable white crossed slat so you can use the unit as a wine rack, or store cookbooks and boxes.

Embrace the awkward spaces in your kitchen’s architecture. We maximised storage space by fitting kitchen cabinets in between each window to store glassware.

Cut down cooking time by hanging food prep utensils on a rail. Just grab what you need and get cooking!

Handles and knobs can add hints of style to your kitchen, and are easy ways to update your look. For a more traditional feeling, we added a mix of black drop handles and smooth knobs.