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Assembly service

With IKEA assembly service, you decide how to spend your time. Because some days, assembling furniture is fun and fulfilling. Other days, not so much. Our professional, convenient service lets you get life sorted instead of sorting screws.

Assembly service starts at $40. You can book while you’re shopping – online or in-store. A trusted professional will do the assembling so that you can focus on your to-do list. Of course, you can always decide to do it yourself since all IKEA products are designed for easy assembly, which saves money, too.

Assembly is available in many locations across Australia. You can find the estimate of your assembly if available in your location during checkout. You can see if booking assembly is available online or in store on the chart below. If an option for assembly does not show on your online checkout or instore with one of our co-workers, this may mean we do not offer assembly in your area.

 Assembly service options and pricing

Furniture assembly, from $40

Assembly is calculated on the time to assemble the products added to the cart.

Here are a few average cost examples:

  • Sofa-bed, $100
  • Double door PAX wardrobe, $120
  • Adjustable sit/stand desk, $60

For Tasmanian customers

Our Online assembly service is now available in selected Tasmania areas. You can now book your Online assembly service and order your products in the same online transaction. We have also introduced an estimated average time per product for our Assembly service. Our Assembly prices are determined by the average time taken to assemble each product. The final price for the assembly of your products will be shown at the check-out

How assembly service works

For assembly and other services, IKEA has partnered with service partners in areas across Australia.

For online assembly:

  1. Select your desired IKEA items online and add them to your cart.
  2. Select “Add assembly service” at the Checkout and select the products you wish to have assembled from your cart.
  3. Assembly is based on the time to assemble products, only select the products you wish to be assembled.
  4. Select the date and time that work for you, there should be availability within a few days.
  5. You will be connected with one of our professional assembly service partners.
  6. They will arrive at your home or office within the time window you have selected. This time estimates arrival only, the assembly may go longer than the window depending on the size of the job.
  7. The assembler will discuss with you if there are any particulars about securing the item to the wall. Please note that if the product assembly instructions advise the product to be attached to the wall for safety reasons, our assembly partners must attach the product to the wall.
  8. Save your documents and spare parts (just in case).
  9. Enjoy your furniture.

 Good-to-know basics

  • We can put together any IKEA furniture and accessories that require assembly or fixing to become functional. A sit/stand desk? Yes. A small desk organizer? No.
  • The service includes professional assembly according to instructions and installation of any tip-over restraints for safety purposes. As far as technically possible, wall and ceiling installations are carried out at the customer’s request and risk.
  • Assembly service excludes electrical and plumbing. If you are installing a kitchen or bathroom you will need to book an installation service. 
  • Leave your to-be-assembled products in the original packaging. Place the packages where you want each finished item to be.
  • When requested, our certified service providers will remove packaging waste and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. This service is available for an additional fee and must be booked at the checkout with the assembly service.
  • Pair assembly service with IKEA delivery service for even more convenience. 
  • Want or need instructions? Find the product on On the product’s individual page, look under “Assembly & Documents.”
  • Shopping for your business? Check out IKEA for Business. We’ll assemble your furniture so that you can focus on building your business.