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Kitchen installation service

Please be patient while we work to build our kitchen service offer. Our aim is to build this service offer across Australia.

IKEA kitchen installation service gets your dream kitchen up and running as fast as possible – so you can start making your favourite recipes and new memories. Save yourself valuable time while trusted professionals finish your kitchen for you. 

An IKEA coworker with his back turned in a partially finished kitchen and holds kitchen countertop.

IKEA has partnered with hipages to bring installation quotes to you with our trusted installers. You choose what you need. Pricing is decided between you and your selected installer. Of course, you can always DIY for free, with help from our guides.

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Kitchen installation service pricing

hipages connects you to your local installations experts who will review your job request to create a quote specifically for your kitchen. It is important to understand all elements of installation you require to get the quote that is right for you.

 How IKEA kitchen installation service works

Before an IKEA kitchen installation


  1. Measure, plan and buy your IKEA kitchen. If you haven’t done this already, we can help! Start things off right with correct specifications from our kitchen measuring service. Let us design your new kitchen with our kitchen planning service.
  2. Complete the form on hipages to receive up to three quotes from local installers. Attach your 3D plan from the IKEA Kitchen planning tool and provide details about your installation requirements to receive accurate quotes.
  3. Get your IKEA kitchen home. Delivery is typically not included in IKEA kitchen installation service, but sometimes it can be required (to streamline the process). Always check your order for correctness.
  4. Prepare your space. Clean everything out and take care of any work like patching, wall painting, redoing floors, etc. Set up a temporary kitchen. Place all packaging in the room where the kitchen will be.


During and after an IKEA kitchen installation

  1. Live life while the pros do their work.
  2. When the job is done, the service provider will remove packaging and broom the job site. Save assembly documents, instruction manuals and any spare parts. 
  3. Enjoy cooking in your new kitchen with years of peace of mind, thanks to our product guarantees (detailed in our full terms and conditions).

Do-it-yourself IKEA kitchen installation and assembly guides

IKEA kitchens are designed to be installed by you. But we know it’s not always easy to figure out where to start or what to do when you’re just using our illustrated instructions. So we’re here to help. Learn more below about our tools and resources to support you along the way. 

Get an overview of the installation

Before you start opening packages and assembling things, set yourself up for success. Find out what’s involved in the entire installation process from start to finish. Watch our “How to Install Your IKEA Kitchen” film. Or use these step-by-step videos in our kitchen installation guide. 

Follow individual product assembly

 When you’re ready to assemble each product for your kitchen, use the same approach as you do with other IKEA products. Read first. Sort and gather. Proceed slowly and carefully. Be patient with yourself and know it’ll get easier. You can also browse all assembly videos on our YouTube channel.

 Frequently asked questions