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Vanity mirrors

Tested to cope with high humidity areas, our bathroom vanity mirrors with shelf aren’t just practical to see where you’ve put your lip gloss or shaving cream. They will also make your bathroom look bigger. Add a round bathroom vanity mirror with lights for close-ups, to see how your hair is doing at the back.

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More optionsLETTAN Mirror 23 5/8x37 3/4 "

LETTAN Mirror, 47 1/4x37 3/4 "LETTAN Mirror, 39 3/8x37 3/4 "LETTAN Mirror, 31 1/2x37 3/4 "

More optionsTOFTBYN Mirror 25 5/8x33 1/2 "

TOFTBYN Mirror, black, 25 5/8x33 1/2 "

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RÅMEBO Mirror, gold, 24 3/4x35 3/8 "

More optionsLINDBYN Mirror 31 1/2 "

LINDBYN Mirror, black, 31 1/2 "

More optionsNISSEDAL Mirror 25 5/8x25 5/8 "

NISSEDAL Mirror, walnut effect, 25 5/8x25 5/8 "NISSEDAL Mirror, white, 25 5/8x25 5/8 "

More optionsLETTAN Mirror 39 3/8x37 3/4 "

LETTAN Mirror, 47 1/4x37 3/4 "LETTAN Mirror, 23 5/8x37 3/4 "LETTAN Mirror, 31 1/2x37 3/4 "

More optionsLETTAN Mirror 47 1/4x37 3/4 "

LETTAN Mirror, 39 3/8x37 3/4 "LETTAN Mirror, 23 5/8x37 3/4 "LETTAN Mirror, 31 1/2x37 3/4 "
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Vanity mirrors for your bathroom

Vanity mirrors are an essential piece to any bathroom, whether you’re renovating or updating your style. But besides helping you get ready for work or a big dinner party, they make your bathroom look bigger by adding depth while reflecting your taste. When paired with your choice of LED vanity lighting—placed above, below or alongside any mirror—you’ll see contours and curves with greater visibility and clarity while grooming, shaving, brushing your teeth or applying makeup.

Types of vanity mirrors

Choose the look that best matches your style. Find bathroom vanity mirrors with circular or square frames, all made of anodized aluminum. Available colors include gold, black and while. All IKEA vanity mirrors are tested and approved for bathroom use, and can be used anywhere in the house.

Vanity mirror installation

Consider the size of the space above your sink or over your makeup table. Position the vanity mirror with the middle of the mirror at eye level. Do you want curves or straight lines to match your sink or any other bathroom furniture? Then go with a circular or square vanity mirror. Consider color, shape and positioning when pairing with a medicine cabinet. Hang the mirror using the wall brackets on the back of the mirror according to the assembly instructions. Use screws, sold separately, suitable for the wall material in your home.

Frequently asked questions about vanity mirrors

Q: How big should a mirror be over a vanity?

The general suggestion is to select a vanity mirror that is a few inches in width let than your sink or vanity area. While this can provide for soothing visual symmetry, you can also choose to dominate the space over a sink, makeup table or bureau dresser with a wider choice if you’d like the mirror to dominate the space. This could come in handy when multi-friends are checking their makeup during a party or when there’s a traffic jam of kids getting ready for school in the morning.

Q: What kind of bathroom mirror is best?

That comes down to the size you need along with which type of bathroom vanity mirror best reflects your style. From large rectangular mirrors in black or white to large circular mirrors in gold or white, there are several stunningly modern vanity mirrors to choose from.

Q: Should vanity light be wider than the mirror?

For symmetry, just as it is recommended for the vanity mirror to be slightly narrower than the vanity, the general advice is to select a vanity light that is two-thirds the width of the mirror you’re placing it above.