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Decorative & table mirrors

We call them decorative mirrors but they are very practical, too. They're things that you use every day. Mirrors are a bit like clocks. You spend a lot of time looking at them, so it's worthwhile to get something that you like and that will add to the décor of your home.

Refine your style with decorative mirrors

Adding a bit of grandeur to any room is easy with stylish practical additions that let you express your sense of taste. With options in different artful styles, materials, shapes and colors, it’s easy to find a decorative mirror that matches existing furniture and design elements.

So many mirror options to reflect on

Standout decorative mirrors create bold statements while creating a sense of greater depth in a space. Play with a given room’s ambience, feng shui and lighting by hanging them in different spots along a wall. Placing them in different spaces will affect how light is reflected about the room and how they pair with other pieces of furniture. Catch those first rays to enliven the kitchen early in the morning. Use them to create stunning focal points over tables or stands in entryways or hallways. Allow decorative mirrors to bring illuminating reflected light into the dark recesses of dens or living rooms. Dramatically alter staircases and landing by harnessing light to reflect and bounce off picture frames. Decorative mirrors can provide a stunning aesthetic while helping you apply makeup or comb your hair in the bedroom or bathroom. Their stylish look will add to the reflected dance of candlelight during intimate dinners

Select large or small ornate mirrors featuring the elegant expression of wood or with the airy look of weaved rattan as a frame. Choose wooden framed decorative mirrors in light beige or dark brown that feature a streamlined shape and walnut veneer that gives each mirror a unique character. The frame extends from these decorative mirrors as it loops to the bottom to provide a shelf where you can put your mobile phone or wallet while getting ready in the morning. Or pick a mirror with a frame featuring lacquered rattan in elegant patterns that will put your sense of style on display wherever you hang it.

Decorative mirror tips

Go with a color, style and material that compliments existing design elements in at least some way. As with any additions it’s good to stand out as much as it is to blend in. With their polished, rustic look, IKEA decorative mirrors can compliment both rugged wooden paneling and furniture as well as pieces carrying a more modern aesthetic. To create a stunning look or focal point along bigger wall spaces in living rooms or dining rooms, go with a larger mirror (IKEA decorative mirrors range from over 23 inches in diameter to over 31 inches, roughly). 

Position your decorative mirrors over centerpiece tables or low cabinets in the dining room or living room—or have it sit halfway up the wall to serve as backdrop for dinner parties. Candles and smart LED lighting can create a stunning display by illuminating the mirror’s artful features while having their light reflected about the room. Dress a decorative mirror over a hallway table or in the bathroom with LED string lights to enhance the vibe for party guests or just place a few candles in front of one to carry just enough romantic light through the bedroom.