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Mirror cabinets

Our bathroom medicine cabinets with mirrors are there when you need more than just a mirror to check your hair or makeup. Tested in high humidity areas, these bathroom mirror medicine cabinets are the perfect storage solution. So, not only do they help you with your morning routine, they make your bathroom prettier, too. 

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A big part of life happens in front of bathroom mirrors. It’s where you meet your sluggish morning gloom and can splash alertness into your face with some cold water. It’s where you can update your everyday flair into stylish extravagance while getting ready for a night on the town.    

In a practical sense, a medicine cabinet is a must in every bathroom. So it only makes sense to have a medicine cabinet with mirrors in there. Their mirrors are flexible and easily adjusted for your needs. Some of our cabinets even have mirrors on the insides of the doors. This makes them easy to align so you can see the back of your head or behind your ears. An invaluable feature if you want to cut your own hair, shave your neck or apply body makeup for a spooky costume party.  

A “bigger” bathroom with medicine cabinets?

 A practical mirror? Check. Invaluable storage? Check. Increased square footage? Not quite, but it can sure feel that way!  

Mirrors offer a feeling of space and brightness. They help enhance the light in the room, which makes it feel brighter without the need for additional light sources. The reflection also works like an optical illusion, where the mirror is perceived as open space compared to a solid wall or door.  

This works just as well in the bathroom as in any other room.  Perfect for smaller bathrooms that risk feeling a bit cramped. If you prefer a regular mirror to a medicine cabinet, make sure to check out our bathroom mirrors

Medicine cabinets with adjustable shelves 

Many of our medicine cabinets can be customized for your storage needs. With adjustable shelves, you can make room for everything from cotton swabs and travel shampoo to your plus sized can of shaving cream. This means you can organize your toiletries just the way you like them: easy to reach but out of sight and out of mind.  

Match your cabinet with your vanity unit Mirrors match everything - it’s one of their greatest perks. But the rest of the cabinet still needs to match your interior design. Because of this, we have several vanity units and tall linen cabinets that match our medicine cabinets perfectly. If you choose both pieces of furniture from the same series, you’re guaranteed to match down to the smallest details.