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Makeup & magnifying mirrors

Get ready for your close-up with a double-sided vanity mirror that has a magnifying side. And, when you have a wall-mounted vanity mirror near your main bathroom mirror, you can check out your hair-do from behind. It's the perfect way to start a pampered day.

Get in the details with makeup mirrors

We sometimes have different names for the things that help us get through our day. If you gaze into it to help you evenly apply eyeliner or bring out your cheekbones, you may call it a makeup mirror or cosmetic mirror. Or maybe it’s your shaving mirror that helps you clean up your persistent 5 o’clock shadow. Whatever you call it, there’s a selection of two-sided mirrors ready to help you look your best.

Magnifying mirrors

Need to see those fine lines even finer while putting on your makeup? All IKEA makeup mirrors and shaving mirrors can be flipped over for a side that offers up to 3 times magnification. So there’s no need to worry about evenly applying your mascara or eyeliner, let alone seeing clearly while plucking your eyebrows.

Choose a good location for your mirror

These lightweight tabletop makeup mirrors offer the flexibility to move anywhere you need them in your bedroom or bathroom. Since there are no do-overs with plucking eyebrows, you can benefit from setting your magnifying mirror before the illumination of your bathroom LED vanity lights for a closer, crisper look. If you want to check out how your makeup looks in natural light, just carry it over to another vanity table or desk by the window. The convenience of a portable makeup mirror helps you to test out your sharpest or subtlest of looks in different extremes of lighting. The size of these makeup mirrors allows them to perch easily on counters, shelving or out of the way on vanity tables or desks. There’s also an option in two-sided makeup mirrors that extends from the wall with an accordion-like stainless steel extension that conveniently retracts when you’re done with it. 

Frequently asked question about makeup mirrors

What is the best magnification for makeup mirrors?

Get closer without losing perspective with IKEA magnifying mirrors that offer between 2.5 to 3 times magnification. Zoom in for the fine application of eyeliner or delicate grooming without losing the sense of contours or shadows

What lighting is best for applying makeup?

Many professional makeup artists will say that natural lighting is best for applying makeup. But if you’re applying your makeup in the wee hours before dawn, going  with LED vanity lighting is also highly beneficial. Unlike incandescent lighting, LED bulbs generate a soft, diffuse illumination for an even, crisp light that defines contours and avoids shadows. 

Can makeup mirrors be used in the bathroom?

The FRÄCK and TRENSUM makeup and magnifying IKEA mirrors IKEA are tested and approved for bathroom use.