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Wall mirrors

Wall mirrors aren't just handy when you're putting your outfit together or adjusting your hair. Larger ones or lots of small ones in a group can make rooms look bigger and brighter, too. Many of our decorative mirrors can be hung horizontally and vertically, choose what suits your space and needs.

Lighten up your home with wall mirrors

It’s easy to add a stunning design element to any room that reflects your style while brightening things up. Besides bouncing light throughout a room, decorative mirrors make rooms feel bigger. With so many options to choose from, from tall wall mirrors that can be hung vertically or horizontally to smaller circular mirrors, there are options for every part of the house.

Choosing the right wall mirror

You can use small circular mirrors to draw the eyes and create a bold style statement in entryways or foyers, stairways or the kitchen—or anywhere with limited wall space. Place a circular wall mirror over your makeup table in the bedroom or over your prep counter in the kitchen. Even small decorative mirrors can have a big impact by creating visual interest while bouncing light off pictures frames, lamps and other furniture. Place tall decorative mirrors horizontally over couches in the living room or over a set of drawers in the bedroom to create a stunning visual impact that will create a sense of depth and space while brightening dark rooms. Or place a long wall mirror vertically to create a focal point at the end of a  hallway or to playfully reflect light on either side of a fireplace.

Wall mirror decor tips

Selecting the size and where to position a decorative mirror comes down to what kind of an impact you want it to have and the available space. Smaller wall mirrors are great for complementing picture frames in stairwells and hallways as they reflect light and brighten spaces. Small decorative mirrors are best centered over small tables in bedrooms, living rooms or hallways. Bigger wall mirrors, hung vertically or horizontally, create stunning displays over or next to furniture. Position the mirror along the wall where it best captures what you want it to reflect—the movements of a big family dinner when hung horizontally in the dining room or your ironing skills when checking yourself out in a wall mirror rising vertically in your home’s entryway. IKEA offers smaller circular decorative mirrors or long, rectangular wall mirrors that create focal points in any room.

Frequently asked questions about wall mirrors

Q: How big should a wall mirror be?

To make a big statement with a decorative mirror hung in the living room or dining room, go with a rectangular wall mirror between roughly 25 to 31 inches in length or height. For more functional purposes, shorter rectangular mirrors of around 15 inches in height can be hung vertically by entryways or by your bedroom door, making it easy to check out your hair or outfit before leaving. Smaller circular mirrors—about 20 inches in width—can be easily placed anywhere throughout the house. For a sense of visual harmony, wall mirrors should be roughly 2/3 the width of any furniture they are placed over.

Q: How do I choose a wall mirror?

Consider your space and the visual impact that you want the wall mirror you select to provide. Do you want a complimentary piece that will cast light on neighboring objects or do you want a focal point that will significantly brighten a room while making it appear larger? Think about the role a given wall mirror will play in shaping ambience and mood during special dinners, arts & crafts time with the kids or just getting ready for work. Along with size and shape, there are different colors and styles to choose from to help you put your stamp on any room.

 Q: How do you hang a wall mirror?

Some wall mirrors can either hang on a wall or be placed on the floor while being anchored and tilted against a wall. Different wall materials require different types of fasteners. We recommend always using fasteners suitable for the walls in your home.