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Large mirrors

Full-length mirrors come in handy in many of your rooms – check out your outfit in the bedroom or walk-in closet, and make a last quick fix in the hallway before you leave. We have many styles of large mirrors, and you can choose from both free-standing ones and the ones you mount on your wall.

Do your shoes match your scarf? The larger the mirror, the bigger the picture. Admire yourself from head to toe with full length mirrors in different styles, or give the impression your home is much bigger than is really is through the depth and reflection offered by a large wall mirror. It’s not a case of vanity; full length mirrors are simply a must-have for hallways, bedrooms and anywhere else you want to add a timeless, can’t-miss decorative accent.  

Large mirrors that match your home décor

Browse our selection of mirrors and find both free standing and full length mirrors that can be mounted on a wall or door. We have oversized mirrors to meet all your needs, whether practical or decorative. Many of IKEA’s tall mirrors have frames that can help you express your personal style and taste. Do you prefer a discrete thin frame in a light color? Or a thicker wider frame in a bold shade? Or maybe you’d like a rounder shape with ornamental elements? Whatever your personal preference, IKEA’s selection of stylish large mirrors has you covered.

Safety and practical functions

Our mirrors are designed with safety and practicality in mind. In case of an accident, all our glass mirrors have been fitted with a safety film that reduces damage in case broken or cracked. For additional safety, consider a mirror made with impact-resistant soft plastic. 

We also design our mirrors so that they are easy to install and provide additional functionality when needed. Many of our full length mirrors are hung with an adhesive tape that can be stuck onto any flat surface. In addition, some of our free-standing or cheval mirrors come equipped with practical hooks that can be used to hang up tomorrow morning’s outfit.