Sometimes you’re looking for a new sink. Other times, some woven baskets do the trick. Whatever your needs, our bathroom department carries furniture and accessories that cover them all.

Two white sink vanity cabinets next to each other with a horizontally hung mirror in a tiled bathroom with a window.

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Time for ourselves is something we all need now and then. That is why we make bathroom furniture that gives you space for everything you need, along with smart ways to organize it. That way, you can spend less time looking for the toothpaste and more time doing what’s really important: taking care of yourself.



Thinking about water at every step

Behind the scenes, we constantly explore new ways to improve water efficiency. And now we are working on new taps using sensors and spray technology – and new water-efficient showers – to save even more. Every water-saving action adds up.

Close-up of a white sink with a chrome plated faucet, with a bamboo soap dispenser.

Water-conscious commitment in bathrooms

All our faucets have an aerator that saves water and energy while keeping the water stream just right. But that’s just a small part of a bigger effort: conserving more clean water than we use.

A circular shower head against a white tiled wall.

Efficient showers for everyday indulgence

With VOXNAN, BROGRUND and VALLAMOSSE showers, we want to help you save up to 30% water and energy while enjoying a warm and nice shower. To succeed, we had to find just the right balance between the pressure in the water spray of the showers and water consumption.

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