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Kids play: toys for kids

Kids play the IKEA way combines creativity, interactivity, physical activity and fun! We offer toys for kids of all interests and ages, whether they’re captivated by crafts, reading, make believe or traditional games for kids. Browse our affordable childrens toys for enduring classics built to last. Our safe and fun games and toys for kids help develop fine motor skills, social skills and logical thinking through role play, imagination, creativity and movement.

Dream tents and happy hideaways

Give your children the gift of active play and make them happy indoor campers with our brand new DVÄRGMÅS play tent and tunnel. They’re a great base for creating imaginary worlds and cozy hideouts within almost any size room. The other good thing? Both the tent and tunnel fold neatly away when playtime’s over.

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A child puts a ball into a hole in a DVÄRGMÅS play tent. Colored balls of various sizes are inside and outside the tent.
A child holding a blue ball sits in a DVÄRGMÅS play tent that has a tunnel in front of it. Colored balls are on the floor.
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Kids play is right this way…

Step right up to hundreds of options to keep kiddos entertained, from soft toys they can cuddle to pretend play sets powered by imagination. Our low-tech approach to toys for kids calls on your child to actively get in on the fun. Unlike a screen that needs only to be watched, someone has to actually push a wooden train set! it along, children are likely to imitate the sounds a train makes. They may even have a few  stuffed animals nearby to watch as the train goes past, all available in our selection.

Toys for kids that call on their creativity

Want to create your own kids toy set? Our art supplies for kids make a great place to start! Stock your budding artist up with all the essentials at an affordable price, including watercolor paints, colored pencils, chalk, modeling dough and more. Be sure to take a peek at our easels whose sleek design, stellar performance and low price has earned them many 5-star reviews.

Keeping children’s toys organized made easy

At IKEA, we don’t only offer the best classic toys and games for kids crafted from safe materials—we also offer the best ways to keep them easy-to-access and off the floor! Our smartly designed toy storage is the stuff clutter-free dreams are made of. And with everything put away properly, you might find your kids have an easier time choosing which toy to play with and play with all their toys more often.