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Baby proofing & child safety

When it comes time to kid-proof our homes, we suddenly see just how many dangers are at every literal corner! But fret not—our corner bumper covers have it covered. IKEA’s collection of baby proofing with child safety essentials for the home is designed to keep your little one safer as they learn the ins and outs of their new space and begin to crawl and walk. Shop our drawer straps, outlet plug covers and more baby proofing items to help keep your child safer and more secure.

Drawer straps keep curious kiddos out

Whether it’s a dresser drawer or refrigerator door, if it can be swung, slid or pulled open, babies and toddlers will try! The whole world is exciting and brand new to your little one, and curiosity is an important aspect of them learning and growing. But there are certain places and spaces that simply aren’t safe, including drawers and doors. Babies and toddlers move quickly, and our drawer straps help to keep them away from cleaning supplies and other dangers. 

Outlet plug covers help protect against shocks and burns

Childrens’ curiosity extends across every inch of the home, with electrical outlets being among the most dangerous and enticing targets for tiny hands. Our easy-to-use outlet plug covers help prevent little ones from getting shocked by sticking their finger or an object into an open outlet. Our secure fit and affordable price makes it easy to protect every outlet in your home, with some guests noting they also take a pack along on vacations to make hotel rooms safer for young travelers. 

Corner bumper covers for tables, TV stands, and more

The world is at an entirely different height for babies and toddlers, with sharp corners often at eye level when they’re just learning to walk—which comes with its fair share of also getting used to falling. Your child taking their fair share of stumbles as they grow is inevitable, but seriously hurting themselves on a hard corner doesn’t have to be. And kids aren’t the only ones who benefit! You know that table corner that you always seem to hit with your hip or shin as you walk past? Put a corner bumper cover on it and spare yourself the bruises!