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Back to college 2020

Whether heading to campus or taking classes online from home, find budget-friendly, stylish furniture and décor to create your own unique study and living space.

College life essentials

Create a cool, comfy living space and an organized study space that makes you feel productive and stress-free without going broke. So there’s more dough for pizza, of course!

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Find your student style

Making a space where you’re comfortable, organized and can concentrate – and that complements your personality and study preferences – is a no-brainer. Here are some ideas for finding your college groove.

Tidy up your entryway

When rushing to class or coming home to relax before a late night study session, an organized entryway with all your everyday items and daily essentials (Don’t forget your keys!) is a must.

Organize your entire space

Studying’s a breeze when everything’s in the right place, right? So be sure to organize your desk, books, clothes and whatever wacky collections you might want to showcase.

Find your chill zone

Pulling all night study or paper-writing sessions is breezy when you’re comfy. So grab a fluffy pillow, a warm blanket and ease into that thrilling calculus homework.

Create an inspiring workspace

Having an organized study space is critical, but it should motivate you, too. Boost your creativity by surrounding yourself with art, plants and all the cool stuff that inspires you.

Tips for a happier college life

Get helpful advice, design inspiration and pro tips for happier, healthier college living.

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