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Laundry room ideas

Compact home laundry to fit your space and daily life

The perfect laundry solution for the living space that doesn’t have a lot of space. Enjoy a fully functional laundry in your home without it getting in the way of all your everyday activities.

See all ENHET laundry combinations
An ENHET laundry combination in white with a washing machine in white and ENHET laundry bags on castors in white.
    A MULIG clothes bar in white with SLIBB hanging clothes pegs with various diverse items hanging from them.
    Two ENHET laundry bags with castors in white, with items hanging from drying racks on the wall and open storage in white.
    HÖVOLM racks with 6 knobs with a LAGT ironing board cover in grey and laundry items hanging and a TOLKNING laundry basket.
    A SLIBB washing bag in white with VINARN hand towels in light grey/beige and items hanging from a NEREBY rail in birch.
    See all ENHET laundry combinations


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