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A smarter home from IKEA, now and everyday.

Why settle for just on and off? Dimmable lights with multi colours, loud or soft music to suit your mood, cleaner air at specific times and sunlight that you can control. Plus, get selected items up to 15% off!

Get endless possibilities with IKEA Home Smart
Video: A woman wakes up and uses the DIRIGERA app to have her smart curtains roll upwards towards the ceiling, revealling the morning sunlight. She walks to the window to close the sheer curtains together, and then walks out of the room.
SYMFONISH speaker lamp with textile shade is placed by the window, and it is turned on with a warm yellowish light.
    Get endless possibilities with IKEA Home Smart

    Design never looked this good.

    Hear our designers share their idea, inspirations and values in developing the design and quality of eight unique products. 

    Celebrate craftsmanship with the new MÄVINN collection

    Showcasing tactile materials, this collection is all about embracing the rustic beauty of craft – made together with seven social businesses from across Asia that provide jobs for people who need them most.

    Shop the MÄVINN collection
    The MÄVINN collection features Asian crafts including banana fibre and jute material pendant lamps, place mat, rugs, denim cushions with various patterns, hanging curtains, denim hanging storage and baskets.
      Video: Videos showing how products in the MÄVINN collection are made, such as the pendant lamp made of banana fibre and jute, as well as denim aprons and rugs.
      Designer Maria Vinka stands at a craft table, wearing a blue denim MÄVINN apron, and talks to designer Paulin Machado.
      A MÄVINN jute basket with a colourful hand-embroidered trim sits inside a larger MÄVINN jute basket on a white surface.
      A cushion in the multicolour MÄVINN cushion cover is on a wooden bench alongside a cushion in the blue MÄVINN cushion cover.
      Shop the MÄVINN collection

      Important information

      IKEA Singapore

      For more than 70 years, we have worked to create a better everyday life for the many people. As a furniture and home furnishing store, we do this by producing furniture and accessories that are well-designed, functional and affordable. Here you will find everything from smart home solutions to a variety of bedroom furniture, sofas, dining tables ,chairs, wardrobes, textiles, cookware, decorations and more. Check out our wide range of products in-store and online!