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IKEA Singapore – your home decor and furniture store

Is the humidity and heat affecting your night and day?

Beat the heat with these clever ideas and products that doesn't burn your budget.  

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Video: Woman in bed tossing and turning with blue sheets and blue cases on the pillows.
A woman hugs her KLUBBSPORRE pillow.

    Design never looked this good.

    Hear our designers share their idea, inspirations and values in developing the design and quality of eight unique products. 

    Make your first home a happier and healthier place

    Start with planning and having sufficient storage space for your home belongings. Display and organise your belongings to prevent the buildup of clutter, and make it easier to keep track of what is where.

    Discover home storage tips and more
    A rustic and traditional living room style with a beige FRIHETEN against the living room wall with two large artpieces hanging on  the wall. There are multiple plants in rattan pots around the sofa. A perisan rug is lying on the floor filling up the room and a HOLS storage coffee table and pouffe is in the middle of the rug. Photo by instagrammer @zecozeyhomey for IKEA in real homes ©
    The "My First Home" icon, which consists of two parts: an outlined key placed on the outlined silhouette of a house, and the text "My First Home" placed on the right of the graphics.
    Children's room filled with toys on multiple TROFAST storage cabinets. There are any toy dinosaurs and a BYGGLEK lego storage box on top of the TROFAST frames and also a LUSTIGT wall shelf with toy trucks on the wall. In the middle of the room there is a FLISAT children's toy table with a LILLABO train set on top with other toy figurines. Photo by instagrammer @zedeea for IKEA in real homes ©
    Living room cosy reading corner with POANG armchair on top of a round STOENSE rug, next to a potted artificial FEJKA plant and two BILLY bookcases with decorative items and books arranged neatly on top. Photo by instagrammer @ourfookinhouse for IKEA in real homes ©
    A white BESTÅ TV bench placed below a TV monitor in the living room. Photo by instagrammer @aienzahalan for IKEA in real homes ©
    Discover home storage tips and more

    Important information

    IKEA Singapore

    For more than 70 years, we have worked to create a better everyday life for the many people. As a furniture and home furnishing store, we do this by producing furniture and accessories that are well-designed, functional and affordable. Here you will find everything from smart home solutions to a variety of bedroom furniture, sofas, dining tables ,chairs, wardrobes, textiles, cookware, decorations and more. Check out our wide range of products online and in-store!