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A place where you can be yourself

At IKEA Singapore, work is more than just a job – it's a place where we feel valued for our uniqueness and our talents. A place where we can do what we do best, or explore what we've never done before. A place where we are all in on fairness and inclusivity whether you're working full-time, part-time, or sometimes. Hit the play button and see what life at IKEA is like in the video below. 

A better everyday life

That's our vision at Ikano Retail. We're one of 12 IKEA franchisees around the world and we own and operate 13 IKEA stores including IKEA Singapore. We are the only franchisee owned by the family of Ingvar Kamprad, who founded IKEA in 1943. Here, you'll join a group of down-to-earth and committed individuals who enjoy putting we before me. Scroll down and explore life at IKEA and Ikano Retail. 

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Our application process

Much like our furniture assembly, our job application process is designed with straightforward steps. Just follow these guidelines and we'll connect with you soon!

1. Find your calling

Ready to apply for a job you're excited about? Start by visiting our job portal and creating your profile. Make sure to upload your most recent CV. While it's not mandatory, adding a cover letter allows you to showcase your unique qualities and motivation. We're eager to learn what sets you apart. Congratulations, you've taken the first step toward an exciting opportunity!

2. Resume review

Our team diligently reviews every application received. Due to the popularity of many of our job openings, response times can vary. Rest assured, you'll receive a response as promptly as possible.

3. Getting to know you

After a thorough review of applications, our team will reach out to candidates selected for telephone introduction. We'll want to hear about you and your past experiences. That's the first step in getting to know you and how you work.

4. Invite to interview

Almost there, so take a breath and pat yourself on the back. At this point, we’d like to meet you again. We work with several different types of interviews, but you’ll typically meet your future manager in a personal job interview at one of our working locations or online. You might also have an interview with your manager’s manager. Use this opportunity to share your motivation and ask anything about your future job*. Remember, it’s okay to be nervous, it just shows that the job is important to you.

*PRO TIP: We recruit based on values because we believe people are more than just their CVs. Read more about our Culture & Values.

5. Hiring decision

Our recruiter will inform you of the hiring decision. If you're the right candidate, you'll receive an offer. We'll discuss the employment offer with you and provide it in writing, allowing you to make an informed decision. (Of course, we hope you say "yes.") We're committed to equal pay, ensuring fair compensation based on experience and qualifications.

If you aren't the chosen candidate, we'll notify you promptly and help you explore other open positions that might be a better fit.

6. Onboarding

Once you’ve given us the thumbs up, we'll get you everything you need to prepare for your first day as an IKEA co-worker. In our onboarding journey, you'll meet the team, pair up with a buddy, discover the Ikano Retail's many businesses, learn more about the IKEA Concept, get acquainted with our Culture & Values, and do a whole lot more to make them feel right at home. 

Culture & Values

Culture & Values

We recruit based on values because we believe people are more than their CVs. We're down-to-earth individuals who work together to get things done. We embrace a spirit of innovation, finding better ways to do more with less. We care for people and the planet and lead by example to create a better everyday life for all across our value chain because we know that the sustainable choices we make today will create a better tomorrow.

Learn more about our Culture & Values

Work areas

To bring the world's home furnishing dreams to life, many things happen along our value chain - from the background in our support functions, on the front lines of our stores, and at the doorsteps of our valued customers. Explore how we create a better everyday life through our diverse work areas.


The IKEA Selling team plays a crucial role across our stores, restaurants, and digital platforms. As part of this dynamic team, you'll help create a seamless customer experience by showcasing well-designed, functional home furnishing products at affordable prices. Our goal is to make these quality offerings accessible to as many people as possible, enhancing their living spaces and daily lives.

Inspiration and Communication

The IKEA Inspiration & Communication team brings together strategic and visual expertise to inspire customers with our valuable offerings. As part of this creative team, you'll play a key role in building the IKEA brand by showcasing our diverse product range through engaging, integrated content across all channels, ultimately sparking inspiration and elevating the customer experience.


If your passion lies in optimising supply chain operations and ensuring product availability for customers both in-store and online, then you'll thrive in our IKEA Fulfilment team. This dedicated team focuses on end-to-end supply management, from ensuring compliance before products enter the country and keeping our stores fully stocked, to facilitating smooth home deliveries and giving returned items a second life.

Customer Experience

Our customer experience teams ensure that shopping at IKEA is a memorable and fun day out. From welcoming customers to developing new offline and online shopping experiences, our customer experience team is leading how our biggest fans experience our IKEA stores and explore our IKEA products in the most personalised and seamless way possible. 


Our founder, Ingvar Kamprad, knew that business cannot be done on an empty stomach and this goes for shopping in our stores too. Our IKEA Food teams ensure that we have the most sustainable and delicious Swedish food and local delights available for customers to enjoy. It's just a little something extra on top of our customers' shopping experience.

Support Functions

The Support Function is a big family unit made up of different teams with the same goal of supporting Ikano Retail and its IKEA businesses.

Finance assures that our books are in order; Human Resource leads recruitment, training and benefits to attract, develop and inspire co-workers; IT business solutions provide quick, user-friendly services, and the Procurement team optimises and finds synergies in all our purchasing processes.

If you lean more towards driving digital and data solutions that support customer experience and workplace efficiencies, you can join the Digital team. Meanwhile, the Expansion team has the mission to analyse new markets, source land, and design and construct new IKEA stores and Shopping Centres anchored by IKEA.

Make yourself at home with your IKEA career

Search all job opportunities and start looking for a job that makes millions of people look forward to going home. 

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Development & Possibilities

Development & Possibilities

People are our most important asset as we bring our ambitious plans to life. We enable co-workers to craft long-term plans for their careers because as they grow, our business grows, too. With a career as unique as you, you'll choose your destination and the path to get there.

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Workplace & Benefits

Workplace & Benefits

A happy life at work contributes to a happy life at home. That’s why we are committed to equal pay for equal work. Whether you're part-time, differently abled, a retiree, or just someone wanting to returning to the workforce, all co-workers have access to fair wages, progressive benefits, learning programmes, and rewards. 

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We care for people and the planet

We care for people and the planet

Our ambition is to make sustainable living desirable and affordable. For everyone. We prioritise fair working conditions across our value chain – for our co-workers and suppliers. See how we are testing ideas and taking action to make our business more sustainable.

Our efforts for a more sustainable everyday