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SONGESAND white bedframe in bedroom with vibrant green and yellow sheets and pillow covers. Text reads SONGESAND Bed frame white/Luroy $299.

We lower prices where we can

We know many people are feeling the pinch right now. To help you get the most from your home, we work hard every day to keep our prices as low as possible for you. 

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Woman lying on bed with light blue sheets and darker blue quilt cover and pillow cases.

Too hot and bothered to sleep?

Experience our cooling range today for even more relaxation and comfort to help you wind down and fall asleep. Ranging from pillowcases to sheets and cooling pads,  the mixed material fabric contains viscose fibres that absorb excess heat and maintains an even body temperature for you all night long. 

More tips to stay calm and cool

Mix it, match it, love it

A good print or pattern deserves to be seen, and this season is a lot about flowers. Mix and match textiles and accessories featuring black and white florals for a maximalist look that’s still elegant, calming and cohesive.

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A JUNGFRUNÄVA duvet cover and pillowcase in white/grey floral sits on a bed, with a black pillow also visible.
    An IDALINNEA cushion cover in anthracite sits on JUNGFRUNÄVA duvet cover and pillowcase on a bed with a black metal frame.
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      How’s the light in your bedroom?

      From block-out blinds that let you sleep undisturbed by outside light to graceful curtains that create beautiful effects when the sun shines through them, our range has a lot to help you get the right light in your bedroom.

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      A KLEPPSTAD bed stands in front of a window with a TREDANSEN block-out cellular blind and ANNAKAJSA room darkening curtains.
        A pair of SANDSVINGEL curtains hanging in a window of a bedroom near a SLATTUM upholstered bed with SILVERTISTEL bed linen.
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          A more relaxing bedroom with an organised wardrobe

          Say goodbye to anxious episodes of missing clothes and accessories, a well-organised wardrobe helps you find things quickly and easily. This leaves more time for sleep too!

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          KLEPPSTAD sliding door wardrobe in a dimly lit bedroom with doors slid open to show clothes in neat stacks and also hung on a rail.There are multple smaller storage boxes placed on top of the wardrobe in front of a bedframe with FREDVANG underbed storage .
            PAX wardrobe in light beige with GRIMO full coverage sldiding doors. The doors are open to reveal clothes hanging on a rail neatly inside.
            PAX white wardrobe with GRIMO doors and a full length AULI mirror in the bedroom. The reflection shows an armchair in rattan material.
            PLATSA white wardrobe in bedroom with a single door opened on its hinge. Clothes are neatly stacked inside the wardrobe on adjustable shelves and a BAVE spotlight mounted on the ceiling shines its light on the wardrobe.
            BRIMNES wardrobe in white in a neat bedroom. Clothes and cushions are placed neatly in the open door to the right next to a MULIG clothes rack.
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            Did you know you can plan your own PAX wardrobe from the comfort of your home?

              The perfect sidekick to your bed

              Extra storage or a convenient place to charge up your devices? Both! A bedside table keeps your necessary items close by while you sleep, and easy to reach for when you wake up.

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              KNARREVIK bedside table standing next to bed with a ENEBY bluetooth speaker, TVARFOT lamp on top. A RAGGISAR storage bag sits at the bottom of the table on the floor with stored items.
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                Hide it under the bed

                A smart solution for small spaces. Underbed storage boxes turns the space under your bed into a place for storing things like quilts, pillows or travel clothing.

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                STUK storage case unzipped to show clothes stored inside below a NEIDEN bedframe with VITKLOVER bedspreads.
                  VARDÖ underbed storage with wheels shown opened with stored clothing items under a bedframe with ANGSILILJA bedsheets.
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                    A smarter bedroom for better sleep

                    With IKEA Home Smart, you can improve the air quality in your bedroom with an air purifier, control lighting in the room, and even roll down the blinds for more comfort and better sleep. 

                    STARKVIND air purifier in white and grey standing on the rug in the bedroom.

                      Sweet dreams with IKEA for children

                      From cosy nurseries to big kid bedrooms, find children's beds, chests of drawers, study desks and much more. With products that go through a range of testing, we put your child's safety first.

                      Child in room playing with toys that are stored in a TIGERFINK storage case. BLAVINGAD toys are seen to be stored within the storage item, and there are other toys placed around the room.
                        Farmer's two hands letting bamboo into a rattan basket.

                        Why we love bamboo

                        We believe that climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and as a young plant can grow up to one meter per day.

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