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What’s new in the IKEA range

Enjoy, savour flavours with the KRÖSAMOS collection

The new KRÖSAMOS collection helps you to discover the art of the larder, make your mealtimes memorable, and share the flavours you love with the people you love. And bring a rustic look to your home.

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A kitchen countertop and shelf filled with the new KRÖSAMOS collection of glass jars, gift bags and serving trays.
Two KRÖSAMOS gift bags with labels and wrapping paper and a KRÖSAMOS glass jar with lid filled with a herbal tea blend.
A KRÖSAMOS serving bowl filled with warming broth is placed on the table.
Small, colourful glass jars are placed on the table. The red and orange jars are filled with herbs, while a hand is pouring jam into the yellow jar.
A man is in the kitchen using the KRÖSAMOS strainer and funnel set over a KRÖSAMOS glass bottle to make an apple vinaigrette.
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New bed linen that’s as unique as you are

From designer Hannah Wilcox’s playful prints to bold pops of colour to lift your mood, why not create your own world in the bedroom? It’s your personal space after all.

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A pillow and a duvet in PURPURBRÄCKA bed linen with an animal pattern lie on a bed with a bright red THORGUN throw.
A pillow inside a TAPETMAL pillowcase is in front of a red cushion on a bed with PURPURBRÄCKA bed linen.
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One bedroom for two: no problem

Sharing a bed doesn’t have to mean compromising your individual style – or sleep. A few personalised additions can make the space feel like it was made just for you.

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A blue and cream bedroom with an IDANÄS bedframe, blue curtains, and two different styles of bed linen.
A beige TÄRNABY lamp with glass bulb is sitting beside a book on a white SONGESAND bedside table that is next to a bed.
A bed is decorated with multiple cushions and pillows, including LAPPDUNÖRT pillowcases, and floral and blue bed linen.
A blue floral SOMMARSLÖJA bed linen set is layered with a LAPPDUNÖRT striped pillowcase and a solid blue cushion on a bed.
Two turquoise PÄRONTRÄD candles are on a windowsill. One has a lid and the other has just been blown out.
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Make your bed pretty, and lie in it

A pink IDANÄS double bed with floral-print NÄSSELKLOCKA bed linen is in a bedroom with a large painting and a robe.

Decorate with natural fibres

Bring the beauty of the outside world in with wall decorations inspired by thousands of years of tradition. Nature is calling.

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MOLNSKOG wall decorations made with sustainable fibres hang on a wooden wall above a glass vase filled with wooden beads.
Three round GILLSTAD wall decorations made with sustainable fibres hang on a cream coloured wall.
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These glass storage jars demand attention

A wooden kitchen tray on a counter holds a ceramic jug and four glass storage jars of varying sizes and designs.