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What’s new in the IKEA range

Tidying up is child's play

Discover new, affordable storage that grows with your child. There's plenty of room for books, toys, and growth spurts.

A child hangs her headphones on a light-blue SKÅDIS rack, which is attached to a white SKÅDIS pegboard. The SKÅDIS pegboard also has a set of 3 dark blue SKÅDIS storage baskets, which is a NEW product at IKEA.
A TROFAST storage combination (mesh grey boxes and light grey trays in a grey frame) is placed beside a child's study table.

Dreaming or daydreaming, your style

Combine colours with soft, elegant textiles and whatever dreams are made of. Then, let light softly touch your spaces drawn by SKYTTA/SVARTISDAL doors.

A couple lies down on a green-checkered BRUNKRISSLA duvet cover, which is covering a KLEPPSTAD bed frame. A RISBYN lampshade is hung atop the bed. Behind the couple against the wall are the KALBÅDEN doors from the PLATSA wardrobe system, and a PLATSA open shelving unit.
Two GULDFLY cushions are placed on a balcony. One of the cushions is an off-white colour with threaded patterns in yellow, and the other cushion propped behind it is in anthracite colour with white-threaded patterns.
SKYTTA sliding doors in SVARTISDAL paper-surface and black frames in 4 sections, segmenting the bedroom and the living room.
A window with some LÖNNSTÄVMAL block-out curtains in two different colours, beige and blue.
Some beige TVERSTED rugs on a floor next to a bed.

Our latest collections

A child holds onto a green TABBERAS food slice assistant to hold down a piece of peeled potato, and uses a green TABBERAS knife to slice the potato on a bamboo TABBERAS chopping board. A green TABBERAS peeler and potato skin are placed on the chopping board too.

Cook, preserve and take care of leftovers – together

The TABBERAS collection makes work in the kitchen easier and adds some extra fun for adults and little ones. Be it jamming, juicing, or preserving — you can create your own recipes without making too much of a mess.

See the TABBERAS collection
Products from the first launch of the Nytillverkad collection are artfully arranged in a bright space with a tiled backdrop.

Discover fresh takes on our design classics

As IKEA turns 80, we are curious about how our past continues to inspire our future. Introducing the new Nytillverkad collection – a hand-picked collection of design icons reimagined for the next generation.

Shop the Nytillverkad collection
Video: The MÄVINN collection features Asian crafts including banana fibre and jute material pendant lamps, place mat, rugs, denim cushions with various patterns, hanging curtains, denim hanging storage and baskets.

Appreciate local craft with the new MÄVINN collection

Made together with seven social businesses from across Asia that provide jobs for people who need them most, this limited collection is all about embracing the beauty of craftsmanship.

Find pendant lamps, rugs and placemats made of banana fibre and jute, hanging storage, as well as cushions and hanging curtains made of denim. 

Shop the MÄVINN collection