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Dining tables

Dining tables are the heroes of the home. What other piece plays so many roles? From home office to game central to party central to, well, the place you eat your meals, it really is the spot that does it all. Ours are sturdy, durable, and often, extendable. So, find your style and bring one home.

Complete your dining setup with our wider range of dining setsstools & benches and tableware.

Rich lucious colours that age beautifully

Bring beauty and character into your home with dining tables made of durable oak and acacia wood. Ageing beautifully with time, varying grain patterns and natural colours from the wood will bring character and a touch of elegance to your dining room.   

Dining room with large MORBYLANGA table and six KRYLBO dining chairs. A vase of flowers and some books are placed on top of the table, and a HÖGVIND pendant lamp is hanging above the dining table from the ceiling.
Round MORBYLANGA table in the dining room with four white upholstered MARENAS dining chairs around the table in front of a KLACKENAS sideboard cabinet with a LINDBYN round mirror on top. A HOGVIND ceiling pendant lamp also hangs from the ceiling above the dining table.
SKOGSTA dining table with SKOGSTA dining chairs around the table with a SKURUP pendant lamp hanging above the table. An APTITLIG block is also placed on the table with food items on top.
NACKANAS dining table in the dining room with NACKANAS dining chairs at the table below two TRETTIOEN pendant lamps hanging from the ceiling.
SKOGSTA dining table with black NOBBARYD dining chairs around the table in the dining room. A black RASKOG kitchen trolley is placed behind the dining table with various food items placed on the trolley.

Dining tables and chairs that are the perfect match

Looking for a new dining set? We’ve made it easy for you to find a complete dining set, whether you are going for a traditional-style look or a more sleek and modern one. We’ve put together chairs and tables that go perfectly together, so you’re sure to have a coordinated and great-looking dining room.

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An airy, light room with a DANDERYD drop-leaf table and two grey-and-white DANDERYD chairs beneath a TORARED sedge pendant.
A birch RÖNNINGE extendable table in the dining room with bench and two RÖNNINGE dining chairs. There is a BUNKEFLO lamp on top of the table as well.
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Besides the living room, the dining table is a place where family and friends can bond at home — over food. The dining table is the centerpiece of your dining area, it will be both seen and used more frequently than many other home furniture, so picking the right table is extremely important. How do you pick the right one?

The most crucial factor that will help you guide your choice: kitchen space. You can’t expand small spaces or remove awkward corners, so let your table work with it! Whether it's a romantic dinner for two or a dinner party for six, an extendable dining table or wall-mounted table gives you plenty of room to grow. Browse our variety of extendable tables such as contemporary-styled drop-leaf tables, gateleg tables with storage and classic-styled extendable tables with rounded table legs. Flexible and versatile, just Insert the self-storing leaf and extend the table easily to make space for everyone. Storing the extendable part away is also easy, just remove and tuck it away under the table top.

Style is also an important factor to consider, a dining table that does not match the fittings in your dining area will stick out like a sore thumb! Check out IKEA’s dining tables of various shapes and sizes, from tables that fit 4 to tables that fit up to 10, pick a dining table to fit your needs and space. If you are living in a small apartment and would love something more practical, opt for a compact yet functional extendable table — a personal study table in the day, a dining table that could host friends in the evening. If you love hosting dinner parties and get-togethers with friends and family, we have a wide selection of stylish 10-seater dining tables. Keep your guests entertained with food and drinks served with IKEA’s intricate glassware and dinnerware, spark bubbly conversations to elevate the atmosphere!

The dining table material is a crucial element to curate a style for your dining room too. Contemporary-styled tables evokes a graceful combination of utility and aesthetics, with clean lines and sharp angles framing smooth surfaces. Bamboo or wooden tables convey a simple, rustic feel that creates a homely atmosphere in the dining area. Still can’t find a table that suits your style and needs? Customise one on your own! Let your creativity run free by choosing a dining table top from various colours and shapes, then match it with legs or trestles you fancy. Shop IKEA for a wide selection of quality dining tables today!