IKEA Business

IKEA Business

At IKEA, we have helpful services like planning, delivery and installation to make realising your business dreams just that little bit easier.

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Corporate benefits

Reap the fantastic benefits of holding a corporate account* with us:

  1. Corporate Credit payments (subject to approval)
  2. Rebates
  3. Stock pre-ordering
  4. One-stop shop for interior planning services, project co-ordination, delivery, assembly and installation.

*Register your company with IKEA Business and spend $500 on your first order.

Call IKEA Business today

Ring us at +65 6379 5429 or email us at corporate.sg@ikano.asia

Contact us for any required services related to office planning and/or furnishing your space. For all other enquiries, approach our co-worker in your local store.

Our services

All the help you need to turn dreams into reality

Need a little help to get the job done? Or would you rather let someone does the whole job for you? We’ve got you covered. Just pick and choose from our services below and get down to business today.

Our team of professionals is here to help. We’ll provide you with a detailed plan to help you turn that dream into reality.

Whether you’re shopping in store or online, no matter how big the purchase, we’ll do the heavy lifting and bring it all to your home or business.

Picking with delivery
We’ll gather everything on your shopping list and arrange for delivery to your home or business.

Need a little help or a lot? We offer a range of installation options, so simply choose the service level you need and we’ll come and get things up and running for you.

All of our products are designed to be assembled by you, but we’re more than happy to help put it all together.

Payment and finance
With a range of credit options and 0% interest rate finance, you can pay all at once or bit by bit; we accept credit, debit and IKEA Gift cards.

Explore spaces for beautiful growth

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A world of possibilities

We don’t just want to be your local furniture store or website. We want you to have the business of your dreams. We’d like to be the long-term partner to help your business grow and succeed.

Design your own office

Customise with our planning tools

Take advantage of the IKEA planning tools to build your dreams and see them come to life. Play around with your choice of colours, styles, sizes, configurations to get an exact costing.