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Home improvement

A beginner’s course in moving

Going on to higher education may well start off less glamorous: learning how to move into, clean up and organise a small home. Lesson number one: be sure to bring microfiber cloths, a broom and dustpan, and proper moving boxes.

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See all moving supplies

Clean & Care

It’s the small things that make a big difference in your everyday laundry and cleaning routine. Our cleaning accessories have small but smart ideas such as lids and fabrics that cope with odours, telescopic mop handles, or drying rack and dishwashing accessories that clean up your sink space.

Is it time for a change?

There are some small home improvements you can do to take care of your home – change old handles and knobs, add safety products to help protect those you love, or fix it up with some tools. With a little extra love, you can easily turn a home decoration project into a family activity.

Tools and fittings for all your DIY needs

We have everything from screwdrivers and hammers to spirit levels and power tools, so you can finally get that home project started (and finished!).

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How to choose furniture that lives longer

Choosing materials for us is about making responsible decisions. When we’re not able to use renewable resources, we aim for recycled or recyclable ones. In all that we create, we strive to keep prices low and quality high. But it’s not just about the materials. It’s about the people, production, and transportation too. And, there’s always room for improvement.

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IKEA Home Smart

Home automation - made simple, easy and affordable. Our range of home automation products, including smart lighting, wireless chargers, and electric blinds are just a few the many ways in which you can improve life, for everyone, at home.

Home Furnishing Accessories for Better Homes

Aesthetics made affordable. Make life at home better with bright, bold and beautiful accessories. Each one of our home accessory kits has been hand-picked to not only take the stress out of shopping, but also make spring cleaning, decorating, and celebrating at home more affordable.

Planning support

With our online planning tools, you become your own designer. Tailor your own wardrobe, kitchen, bathroom, storage, or sofa solution online, or with support from our planning specialists.

It’s never too late to get organised

Storage doesn’t have to be unsightly. At IKEA, you’ll find storage solutions that not only look beautiful but are easy to customise to fit any (and every) purpose. Click to find how our storage can work for you.

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