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Sustainable Products

Living with better materials

The days when you had to choose between attractive design and sustainability are over. You can now furnish your home wonderfully with renewable materials whether it’s cotton, wood, seaweed, bamboo or even furniture made from recycled plastic bottles. It’s easy and affordable to have stunning products at home and think on the environment also.

Tasty, healthy and sustainable

Unsustainable consumption and climate change remain some of the biggest challenges for humanity. We want to make healthier and more sustainable living easy. But it’s more than just offering smarter products – we want to create a movement for a better, more sustainable everyday life.

Cooking products

We want to make healthier and more sustainable living easy. And that’s why we offer smart products that help you to cook fast and efficiently and to preserve food, maintaining the flavours.

Food products

We want to offer food that’s delicious, sustainable, affordable and nutritionally balanced. The ingredients we use are selected carefully which is why we always work with certifications. Find out some of our food products that you can take home with you.

Saving money and the planet from home

We often forget how much water and energy we use, but cutting back is simple. For example, our kitchen taps, as well as our bathroom taps and showers help save water with their aerators; and choosing appliances with a higher energy class will help you save energy and money.

There’s no time to waste

Recycling and minimizing waste are crucial ways to sustain our environment. It may sound difficult but there are things everybody can do, from using only what we need when we actually need it, reuse, namely shopping bags, or creating a recycling station in your home.

Avoiding waste and waste sorting products

Start with small acts: our cotton net bags help reduce the use of plastic bags when shopping and the rechargeable batteries are a more sustainable choice for the environment.