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IKEA Family benefits & rewards

Mother and son sitting relaxed in the living room, laughing.

Benefits for the whole family

As an IKEA Family member you have access to rewards and instant benefits that save you money, time and effort. Collecting keys and unlocking helpful rewards is one of them. Want to know exactly what being a member gets you? Take a peek below.

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Young girl wearing a yellow blouse setting the table in a white kitchen, with a young man stirring in a bowl in the background.

Reward keys from IKEA Family

You can collect reward keys by doing all sorts of things: creating a wishlist, logging into your account or using our 3D kitchen planner. Not to mention purchases online or in-store. As your collection grows, so will the list of rewards available to you.

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Close-up of a man and a woman filling up the car trunk with IKEA flat packs.

Delivery and assembly warranty

We’ve all been there. That moment of ‘oh no!’ If something has broken in transport, or rolled away during assembly, don’t worry. We’ll replace it for free. Sign into your account at checkout to be instantly covered by our 14-day delivery and assembly warranty.

A woman with long curly hair in the plant section of an IKEA store holding a green plant.

IKEA Family promotions

As a member you always have special discounts on the IKEA range. Look out for the blue IKEA Family labels in store and online. That’s the real deal.

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An IKEA co-worker at a table hosting a moodboard workshop with four customers.

Learn, laugh and build with IKEA Family workshops and events

Every project is different, and no one has all the answers. But we love to share with you everything we know. Our handy workshops, tutorials and events are great fun and totally free to attend. No matter what the subject, our sessions are packed full of know-how that’ll inspire, educate, entertain or (hopefully) amuse. 

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A smiling woman with long hair enjoying a coffee in an IKEA Restaurant with a woman with long curly hair.

Free hot drink. Every time you visit.

We like to treat our members like family. So, next time you swing by, let’s make you feel at home with a free hot drink.

Two men and a woman in a community project summer garden.

Let’s show your community some love with give-back projects

Local communities need our help. That's why every year we establish partnerships and invest financial and human resources, including volunteering, in the communities in which we operate. Find out more about our global and local projects for positive social impact.

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