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New accessories to fall in love with

Although very different, these beautiful objects are all designed to make your home pop. Whether made to hold flowers or be decorative, we think they deserve plenty of time in the spotlight – and in your heart.

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Two shimmering rainbow glass RÄFFELBJÖRK vases in different sizes sit on a white pedestal in a white room.
    A few FÄLTLÖNN decoration houses are placed on white pedestals. One house is shown parted into three smaller house pieces.
    Three ENERGISKOG decorative mirrors hang on a white wall. Underneath them hangs a HÄNGALM hanging tapestry.
    Six stone-like TRÄDGRÄNSEN wall decorations are hung and placed on four white pedestals, showing them from all angles.
    Green ÄRTBUSKE vase/watering cans stand on white pedestals. One with a branch inside it.
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