Tracking and managing your order

If you wish to track your order, reschedule or associate the assembly service, you can use our tracking and managing services.

Manage your order

Do you wish to reschedule the delivery date of your order or associate the assembly service? Check if it's possible to do it automatically, here.

Track your order

Are you wondering where your order is? Find out here.

Track your order

To track your order at any time, you will need to insert the order number (number in the email regarding your purchase) and the email or phone number associated to the order.

Is your order already in CTT?

To track your order when it is already in CTT, click in the button below. You will have to insert the code stated in the email or text message sent by CTT Expresso. If you haven't received the code yet, check your order status here.

How to understand your order status 

Preparing order

We have received your order and will process it as soon as possible.

Picking order

Your order is being processed and completed.

Preparing delivery

Your order is ready and waiting to be sent to you.

On its way

Your order has been sent from our dispatch area and is on its way to you.


Your order has been successfully delivered.

Need more help?

Question or query, help is at hand. Simply contact our customer services to answer your questions.