Hang your fondest memories on every wall. A painting, maybe some glass to reflect light, colour and life in your living space, or even an artificial flower so your recollections stay (kind of) fresh forever. Whatever decoration you choose, let your personality lead the way. Because that's how the place you live in becomes the place you call home.

Time to reflect

IKEA was one of the first companies in the world to introduce lead-free coating on all its mirrors. Smile, you can rest easy knowing that your reflection is beautiful and 100% lead-free.

Rule over your own art gallery

Turn any wall in your home into your very own exhibition. Find all the pictures decorations and frames you need. Your home, your wall, your gallery.

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Get some glass and play with light and colour

Add shimmering tones to your home with glass vases, bowls and even glass candlesticks. Glass amplifies the light from the candles, and frames the shades of whatever you choose to put in the bowls and vases.

Scents and cosiness

Give a glowing and cosy mood to your room with a mix of scented candles - just choose your favourite scent.

Create a cosy glow

Ready to shed some light on your home decor? Our broad collection of candles and holders will help you set the perfect mood, whether it’s romantic, serene, festive or cosy.

A different feeling

PJÄTTERYD is printed on canvas. A special weaving technique makes the canvas highly durable and adds depth and life to the motif.

How does your garden grow?

From tiny windowsills to spacious back gardens, our self-watering plant pots, gardening tools and greenhouses are designed for gardens of all sizes.

Ideas to brighten your home and display your personality

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