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IKEA for Business

Starting your dream business, or taking your current one to the next level? IKEA for business can help. You’ll find all the furnishing, decoration and accessories you need, as well as loads of inspiration and practical advice. Even helpful services like planning, delivery and installation that can help you make your business dreams come true.

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Dedicated team

  • Specialist support
  • Inspiration, advice and ideas
  • Free quote
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Services tailored to your needs

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Payment facilities

  • Different deadlines and payment methods
  • Interest free payment
  • Quick approval

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IKEA Business Card

One card, several advantages

  • loyalty program;
  • reward program;
  • exclusive offers to IKEA Business members;
  • personalised e-mail shopping;
  • different ways and payment periods.

Investments that give gifts (card)

IKEA Business reward program

Throughout the year, as an IKEA Business customer, you can receive IKEA gift cards according to the amount of purchases you accumulate.

  • between 2.000€ and 5.000€ = gift card of 40€;
  • between 5.001€ and 10.000€ = gift card of 150€;
  • more than 10.000€ = gift card of 400€.

For the purposes of assigning a gift card, the values considered are absolute, so whenever there is a return or credit note, the value will also be discounted from the accumulated value of purchases.

This card will be sent to your tax address and you can always request it in the customer area at After all, it will always be a good deal.

Our products


IKEA for business - Office

Start your meetings with a WOW factor. See our products.


IKEA for business - Hospitality

Let your uniqueness shine through. See our products.


IKEA for business - Retail

Let your products shine through. See our products.

Get to work on your business

Find all the inspiration, ideas and products you need to make wherever you work fit the business you’re in.
See more our business rooms gallery.

Contact us


+351 21 989 99 45

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday: 9am - 10pm
Sundays and Holidays: 9am - 8pm


If you would like us to provide a detailed quotation, you can request it through our available forms, by following the steps below:

  1. Choose "IKEA Business" and then the form "Support before or during my purchase";
  2. Under "Category" select "Any other information";
  3. Include in the field "Your message": Full address, VAT number and desired IKEA services;
  4. Under "File Upload", attach your product list containing only the items to include in the quotation.