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Small storage & organisers

A new home for all your office favourites

The new HÄSTVISKARE mini chest of drawers is ideal for the work accessories you want to keep close and in check. Made of sturdy paperboard and with an elegant exterior reminiscent of oak, it’s just as practical on your desk or in a bookcase. (Also, have you noticed the convenient laptop compartment?)

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A laptop and a computer mouse rest on top of an oak-effect HÄSTVISKARE mini chest of drawers placed atop a blue pedestal.
An oak-effect HÄSTVISKARE mini chest of drawers, its drawer half pulled out, revealing cables and accessories within.
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Achieve instant zen with neat storage cases and shoe boxes

A couple of versatile HEMMAFIXARE storage cases and shoe boxes is all it takes to achieve that satisfying feeling of order. Simply store clothes, shoes and home textiles that you don’t often use and tuck them away, freeing up space and creating calm in your room.

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HEMMAFIXARE storage cases with clothing in them and HEMMAFIXARE shoe boxes with shoes are placed neatly in a wardrobe.
Two HEMMAFIXARE shoe boxes with their flaps open, revealing a pair of sneakers and a pair of flats in each box.
Two HEMMAFIXARE storage cases are stacked on top of each other on a shelf, with one partly unzipped showing folded clothing.
An unzipped HEMMAFIXARE storage case with folded clothing in it is placed on top of a 3-seat sofa-bed.
A striped white and grey HEMMAFIXARE storage case is partly unzipped, with a folded chunky knit sweater in it.
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