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Is that your new co-worker you’re glancing at?

A good desk can truly be a great companion. The new RIDSPÖ desk has all you need in a modern workspace. It even has a drawer with a glass top for notes, tracing, or to keep beautiful things on display. Then there’s the natural good looks and graceful style – but you seem to have picked up on that already.

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A black NÄVLINGE LED work lamp and a laptop on an oak RIDSPÖ desk, placed in a light, unfurnished space.
A NÄVLINGE work lamp placed on an oak RIDSPÖ desk. Notebooks and accessories are placed in the desk’s glass-top drawer.
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Not every bedside table is blue

Why waste precious time telling you how sturdy and helpful this little table is? You’re buying KNARREVIK bedside table because this is just the blue for you.

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For those who like combinations

If you like to perfectly match your dining table and chairs, we have a wide range of products that for sure will suit your needs.