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Home electronics

Boost the air and your wellbeing with an air purifier

Coming in all shapes and sizes – and even as part of a table – our air purifiers will sit happily anywhere in your home, clearing the air of invisible indoor pollutants. So you can take a deep breath of fresh air wherever you go!

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An UPPÅTVIND air purifier and a plant on top of a pine RAST chest with 3 drawers that’s in front of a window.
A VINDRIKTNING air quality sensor on a grey surface in front of a plant and beside two bamboo NORDMÄRKE wireless chargers.
A person’s hands put away two pairs of shoes on a shoe storage shelf by a white FÖRNUFTIG air purifier attached to the wall.
A stained oak veneer and white STARKVIND table with air purifier with a mug and plate and a SESAMFRÖN plant mister on top.
A black STARKVIND smart air purifier in front of a bookcase and a window that is covered in white/grey FJÄDERMOTT curtains.
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Stay connected when you’re apart

You’re never far away from family and friends. With everything you need always at hand and safely charged, you’re as close to them as you are to your home.

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A white SMÅHAGEL 3-port USB charger in a plug socket on a wall with a pink, a yellow and a grey cable in each port.
Bamboo base with a tablet on top.
Black wireless charger LIVBOJ.
SITTBRUNN USB yellow cable charging tablet.
Bamboo base with tablet.
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Imagine your home connected, just like your senses

See, hear, feel. Enjoy the different atmospheres light, blinds and sound can give, and explore the benefits of IKEA Home smart range.

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LED Smart light PILSKOTT.
LED Smart light PILSKOTT hanging.
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Purifier placed on the floor near a white vase with bamboo and a white dofa with a blue blanket.

Cleanse the air in your home

When you think about air pollution, you usually associate it with poor air that happens outside, but it occurs in our homes too. The FÖRNUFTIG air purifier cleans the air of pollutants like odours, dust, smoke, pollen and chemicals using particle and/or gas filters. This improves indoor air quality and makes the home a safer and healthier place for you and your loved ones.

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Delivery now from 4€

Shop online and receive your order at home or pick-up point.

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Click and collect

At an IKEA store, pick-up point or CTT collection point. Possibility to collect the order on the same day at IKEA Loures and Alfragide.

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Return policy

You have 365 days to return your articles.

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Take advantage of the IKEA credit card.

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