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Hooks & hangers

A clothes hanger is the quickest, simplest way to hang clothes up neatly without creasing them. Our hangers and hooks keep your best skirt suit, favourite Hawaiian shirt or favourite jacket nice and tidy in their place. And the hangers? You will be hooked by what IKEA has to offer!

Clothes hangers and hooks in all types and sizes

You can hang all your clothes on our hooks and hangers of course, but you can also hang other things on the hooks as well: scarves, belts and ties for instance. We have wooden hangers, plastic ones and very thin hangers for blouses and shirts. The STAJLIG clothes hanger is a hard-wearing hanger that can be used inside and outdoors. For example, to display clothes or to air them. You can hang jackets, bathrobes and other clothing on our wall hooks. The self-adhesive hooks are ideal for hanging up dish cloths. Don't have room for a standing coat rack? Then our door hanger is super handy. There is enough room for all your jackets and vests.

Hang your best clothing on hooks and hangers.

You hang clothes on hangers, but hangers have to be hung up too. Naturally, you can use our clothes stands for this. We have racks for your clothing, jackets and scarves for every bedroom budget. They don't take up much space so they're perfect for the hall, student's room or bedroom. If you have a hard time getting up in the morning, one idea is to get your clothes ready the night before. Then you can hit the snooze button. A clothes rack is also ideal for hanging up clothing you need to iron. Of course, everyone knows about 'the chair', a place where clothing piles up day in and day out. A clothes stand is the perfect solution to this. The clothes you aren't going to wear for a long time, for example when the seasons change, can be easily stored in bed frame storage boxes or drawers. Besides clothing, you can store bedding, blankets and hand towels in these large storage boxes.