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Whether you sleep well at night depends on various factors, such as your mattress, bedding, bed frame and the mood in the bedroom. When you buy a new bed, it's a good idea to check if the mattress if firm and comfortable and the slatted frame supports your body. In addition, consider whether you need storage space under your bed and whether a 140, 160 or 180 cm fits your bedroom.

New! Personal sleep advice

Could you use a little help decorating your bedroom?

Together with our specialist you can create the bedroom of your dreams during an online or in-store appointment, which fits your wishes and needs.

Bed types

Are you looking for a children's bed, loft bed or cot for the children's room, a single bed or day bed for a compact studio or a double bed or box spring for a large bedroom? See below all beds by type.

Popular beds


Looking for some ideas for your bedroom? See how your new bed looks in a different interior and get ideas in terms of colors en style.

Popular bedroom series

Do you need a new bed, wardrobe, drawer and bedside table after a renovation or moving? By choosing a specific serie, your furniture fits together and creates unity in the bedroom. Check out the popular bedroom series below.