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Stylish, streamlined, and serene bathroom routines

A spacious wash basin, a trolley, and many mirrors help achieve streamlined bathroom routines – especially if you are two who get ready at the same time.

Start your morning with a fresh and awakening shower and keep your shampoos and shower gels close at hand for a smooth shower routine. BROGRUND takes up little space, and the shelves have holes that let the water run through.

VILTO offers a dedicated drying area where you can sit and relax after your shower. And no need to hurry, grab a magazine from the storage below instead and let your hair dry a little bit more!

Mount a touch top bin close to where you get ready in the mornings and evenings – this will speed things up when you need to throw your used cotton pads, dental floss and more.

Bring an end to the unorganised mess in your drawers and make things smoother when getting ready. GODMORGON boxes are see-through, so there's no need to open every box to find what you need.

Two people who have the same time schedule, but only one wash basin? Get a less stressful start to the day – place what you need on a trolley and roll it to another mirror in your bathroom to make room for the both of you.

Get a last glance at your completed look with the help of a full-size mirror. Or, you can mount two mirror cabinets vertically to create one yourself! GODMORGON is shallow and doesn't take up much space, but it offers extra storage inside (and mirrors on the inside of the doors, too!).