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Home smart

See, hear, feel. Imagine your home connected, just like your senses.

    Just another magic Monday

    Picture yourself being able to wake up, raise your blinds to let in that lovely morning sun, listen to some music and still not have to get out of bed. How lovely, right? When you improve the IQ of your home, life itself runs a bit smoother as well. So whether you want a full smart home or just a few wonders of control, there's an IKEA Home smart product to create an intuitive flow for you.

    Smart speakers

    SYMFONISK combines IKEA's home furnishing and design expertise with Sonos' sound expertise. The result: a table lamp speaker and bookshelf speaker with wifi. The table lamp brings light and sound together and shows how much impact this combination has on the atmosphere in your home. The bookshelf is a clever combination of sound and storage.

    Smart lighting

    With IKEA smart lighting products, you can change the atmosphere in your living space at the touch of a button. All you have to do is replace your LED lamp with a TRÅDFRI LED lamp and that's it! The set is ready to use. Connect multiple devices to the IKEA connection hub and operate them with the free IKEA Home smart app.

      Smart blinds

      FYRTUR and KADRILJ electric roller blinds are ideal for easily controlling the level of light in your bedroom, kitchen, living room or actually all rooms in your home. The IKEA Home smart app allows you to control one to ten blinds at a time and automise them with other IKEA Home smart products. Go to frequently asked questions about smart blinds.

      How do you make your house smart?

      The central point of all your smart IKEA products is the TRÅDFRI connection hub. This device can be connected to your router via an Ethernet cable. Then you connect the SYMFONISK products, smart lamps, roller blinds, sockets and more to your home with a wireless control unit of the TRÅDFRI series.

      All smart products that you link to this system can be controlled with the supplied remote control, sensor, dimmer or on/off button. Do you want to control multiple devices at the same time with one control unit? No problem. You can extend each starter set with more smart devices, up to a maximum of 10 devices. With the IKEA Home smart app, you can even expand up to 50 devices.

      The best sounding bookshelf in the world

      Sound is a powerful mood enhancer in home. The SYMFONISK bookshelf speaker with wifi - which you can hang up or put down - is a clever combination of sound and storage. Attach the speaker to the wall in your bedroom or hang it on a bar in your kitchen. Connect your smartphone to your WiFi router and download the Sonos app. Then connect the device to the connection hub and you'll be in contact with the SYMFONISK wifi speakers.

      Let your light shine on it

      With a simple push of a button you can change the atmosphere in your living room by dimming the light and adjusting the colour in the room. It can be done with one of the TRÅDFRI dimming sets with remote control. Change between warm white light, flame light, cold daylight and even colour. For every occasion there is a suitable color and light intensity.

      A smart and safe environment

      Make your home safer and more economical with lighting that responds automatically to movement. The wireless motion sensor has a range of 10 meters to the light source. Up to 5 meters and an angle of 120°, the device responds to movement.
      The TRÅDFRI motion sensor works with all smart products, such as light sources, transformers, panels, doors and sockets.

      Don't forget to scan your IKEA Family digital card when you purchase SYMFONISK products to stay informed about our Home smart products, workshops and news.

      4 ways to control IKEA Home smart

      Whether you prefer physical devices or apps, we've got you covered! Change the atmosphere of your home with the touch of a button, a wave of your hand, a tap in the app, or simply your voice. Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit.

      1. Control units
      Control all your smart devices with one of the TRÅDFRI wireless control units: remote control, dimmer or power button.

      2. Sensor
      Make your home safer and more economical with the TRÅDFRI wireless motion sensor.
      Handy for when you have to go to the toilet at night.

      3. IKEA Home smart app
      The IKEA Home smart app* lets you control our SYMFONISK products and set your timers for lamps, blinds or sockets. You can dim smart lights individually or at the same time and adjust the colour. Soon it will also be possible to set scenes, so you can adjust multiple devices to a pre-programmed scenes at the push of a button.

      *To use the app you need a TRÅDFRI connection hub and one control unit.

      Did you know? The TRÅDFRI app has been renamed to IKEA Home smart app.

      4. Voice control
      Control all your IKEA Home smart products with your voice. We support Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit.

      Safe, wireless, simple

      All IKEA Home smart products are wirelessly connected via the TRÅDFRI connection hub. All IKEA smart products are simple, quick and easy to install, even when you're not technically skilled.

      Get off to a good start

      Find answers to all your questions about the IKEA Home smart app, our smart lighting products and smart speakers.

      With our help and instructional videos, you'll be able to install SYMFONISK products in no time and enjoy the smart combination of design and sound to the fullest.

      IKEA Home smart app
      Download for free: