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Limited collection: TILLVERKA

TILLVERKA: a circular collection of felt products made from remnants of Dutch IKEA textiles. TILLVERKA is the first IKEA collection worldwide made from local textile waste produced locally by a social enterprise: the Dutch i-did. The result of this collaboration is a collection of foldable boxes, cushions and the famous FRAKTA bag made of soft and colourful felt. The collection is only available in our stores.

Pillow case (50x50) €9.99, Foldable box €14.95, Bag €19.95.

A second life

The TILLVERKA collection by IKEA and i-did gives old textiles a second life and creates new jobs for people with a distance to the labour market. Processing old textiles into felt is a well-known process within the recycling industry; i-did, however, turns the felt into design products instead of, for example, insulation material. The Utrecht-based company supports people in the Netherlands who have not had a job for a long time. They offer job-seekers a safe and warm place to get back to work and coach them on their way to a new job. The collaboration between IKEA and i-did started in 2016 and has previously resulted in temporary collections. Initially, IKEA gives its own textile remnants a second life - perhaps in the future IKEA will add more textiles from customers.

A sustainable future

At IKEA, we want to have a positive impact on people and the planet. This year, we've already achieved our goal of generating as much renewable energy as we use worldwide. But we're not finished yet. We're just getting started... Did you know IKEA wants to be fully circular by 2030? This means, among other things, that all products must be designed to be circular and consist only of renewable or recycled materials.