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Sometimes, you might just want to change the look of your living room. Or maybe you've recently moved into a new pad. Some people facing this task immediately get to work making mood boards — but others just don't know where to start. Here are our top five basic tips for furnishing your living room.

Furnishing a living room — tips — layout — IKEA interior inspiration
Furnishing a living room — tips — layout — IKEA interior inspiration

    Choosing a sofa

    Start with your sofa. This is often the biggest and most important element in your living room. Measure your living room and draw a plan. This enables you to see what shape or size of sofa is suitable for your living room. Both fabric and leather sofas are easy to get cleaned.

    And your sofa needs to be a relaxing and inviting place to kick back at the end of a long day. So make sure that it isn't facing your kids' chaotic toy corner or your desk and its piles of unanswered post. If you feel the cold, don't place the sofa right next to a door; this won't be a calm and peaceful location, and will be draughty and cold in the winter. And that's it: You've got your starting point for furnishing your living room!


    The perfect rug at your feet can complete your new seating area. Make sure that the rug and sofa aren't competing with each other, but that they are complementary. Do you have a subtly decorated, peaceful interior? Then a rug with modern stripes or distinctive design will create an exciting contrast. If your sofa is the eyecatcher in your living room, then choose a plain rug to strike the right balance. Rugs absorb noise and create better acoustics in the space. And there's another advantage of adding a good rug to your room: Your feet will stay nice and warm.

    Save space

    Furniture with multiple functions can be a real space-saver in compact spaces. If your home is on the smaller side, use nice stools as side tables, or group stools together with coffee tables.


    Lighting can make or break the atmosphere in a home. Mood lighting can also be decorative. Create your own composition of three dimmable pendant lamps. Eye-catching!

    Get a page from your favourite book enlarged to poster size. You'll have something unique and original on your walls, and you can change your artwork as often as you wish. And put your beautiful magazines and books on display! They are too nice to hide away in a bookcase".



    Is your living room a bit empty and boring? Then why not add some accessories? Give your home a personal touch by including items that you have fond memories of. Surround yourself with travel souvenirs and plants. Group different plants together. And if the best place for your sofa is next to a door, don't forget to add a nice throw to keep you warm.

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