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Lighting plan

Combine different types of light

By using different types of light sources, a functional and comfortable atmosphere is created in the house. The best results are achieved by combining task, atmosphere and general lighting; a mix of diffused and focused light. Directed lighting creates strong contrasts between light and shadow are created. By having just diffused lighting, such as a ceiling light, your lighting will be even, but maybe not enough for reading. It is important to find a balance that works for the activities that take place in a room. Don't forget to place your lights at different heights to create tension between light and shadow.

    Make a lighting plan

    Step 1: 

    Start by defining the activities that take place in the space and where they take place.

    Step 2: 

    Consider whether you need task lighting and determine where it is needed.​

    Step 3:

    Provide general lighting and add mood lights to soften the task light.

    Step 4: 

    Apply the 5-3-1 schedule for light intensity. This is a rule of thumb about the differences in light levels for a living space, where 1 is general light, 3 is mood light and 5 is task light.​

    Also useful to think about

    When choosing lamps, it is important to consider not only their style, but also their intended function. Make sure they give the right color of light and that there is no glare. The switch should be easy to reach and keep it safe with well-organized cables. That also makes cleaning even easier.